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Review: the Belfast facial that tightens and lifts like no other

Jennie Wallace, Managing Director of Beyond Skin Clinic and Harry McDaid, CEO of UCIT.
Sarah Tulloch

By Sarah Tulloch

If I’m going to spend my hard-earned cash on a facial, I have to be sure I'm going to see results.

Some beauty treatments might be relaxing and feel like a real treat but in reality are just an overpriced cleanse, tone and moisturise and, for me, not really worth the dosh.

But the Triple Tightening Treatment offered at Beyond Skin Clinic, tucked away off Belfast's College Street, caught my eye.

I booked in with aesthetic therapist Fiona Barr for the facial, which combines three treatments in one whopper session (including a round with a fancy laser) for enhanced results. The pros at Beyond Skin Clinic recommend a course of three, once a month. 

After a thorough consultation and patch test, I couldn't wait to test the one hour and 20 minute treatment.

The first step is the firming enzyme mask packed with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) which chemically exfoliate, and peptides to increase circulation and instantly lift the skin.

And lift the skin it did. I could tell immediately that the firming was well underway and remarked to Fiona that I imagined this is what Joan Rivers' face feels like. It was tight and plump, but didn't feel stripped at all.

Next up is the biggie: a tightening laser facial which strengthens skin structure for visibly smoother and tighter skin.

Following result of the £25,000 loan from the Northern Ireland Small Business Loan Fund (NISBLF), the clinic was able to purchase a second Cynosure medical grade laser, which penetrates into the skin and awakens fibroblasts (cells underneath the skin) to produce collagen and elastin.

This part wasn't particularly relaxing. Having never had a laser treatment, I wasn’t at all prepared for the unusual sensation.

The laser produces little warm zaps across your face, but the heat is combated with a cool topical gel and a blast of cool air to make the experience more pleasant.

While it's not painful or unbearable, it is a little bit uncomfortable (particularly on the forehead, where it felt like a lengthy brain-freeze). It's over before you know it but it helps to know that the results are completely worth it. 

The last step is LED light therapy, which encourages collagen production and reduces redness from the laser treatment. 

Fiona placed a hyaluronic acid sheet mask and some protective goggles on my face, positioned the LED light and left me to have a 20 minute doze - the perfect wind down after the laser which, admittedly, had me a little bit tense.

In the days following my facial, I’ve been doing double takes in my magnifying mirror - my skin is the best I've seen it in a long time.

The AHAs in the enzyme mask stopped a dreaded hormonal breakout in its tracks and left me with what felt like brand new skin. Despite being an avid user of at chemical exfoliants at home, they don’t have a scratch on the results of the treatment.

It could be wishful thinking, but the appearance of fine lines around my eyes and the beginnings of a deeply wrinkled forehead seen significantly plumped and while I know I can’t postpone them forever, this feels like a step in the right direction.

I’ve been so pleased with my ‘new skin’ that I’ve even swapped my usual (glowy but heavy) foundation for Glossier Skin Tint, which beauty junkies will know is the equivalent of rubbing slightly pigmented water over your face - a true testament to the Triple Tightening Treatment.

To book a consultation at Beyond Skin Clinic or for more information, call 02890333858 or visit

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