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Rihanna’s body is a ‘gift’

Rihanna has “a gifted physique” according to her personal trainer.

The stunning star is famed for her enviable curves, and is regularly praised for her impressively honed physique.

The 5ft. 8in. songstress trains with fitness expert Ary Nuñez, and the personal trainer says although the beauty works hard to maintain her gorgeous figure, she is also lucky to have such a naturally “feminine” frame.

“Rihanna has a gifted physique. She can become lean, get ‘baby guns’ [biceps] and firm up her core quickly,” she told Star magazine. “Her physique is the epitome of classic beauty: it’s feminine, strong, agile, poetic and versatile.”

Rihanna’s body is the result of hard work. Ary has revealed that the 23-year-old singer finds time at all hours of the day to fit in her exercise regime.

“Rihanna trains as much as she can, whenever she can,” says Ary.

“This could be every day or three times a week. Her work schedule is extremely demanding, so thank goodness she’s naturally a hard-working person. We make time and find time – whether it is at 4am or 9am. We always squeeze it in.”

Rihanna, who was recently revealed as the new face and body of Emporio Armani jeans and underwear, is determined when it comes to achieving her ideal body.

The beauty follows a rigorous fitness regime to ensure she maintains her desired physique.

“Rihanna gets what she aims for and she trains like a ninja!” quipped Ary.

“She wants to be strong, confident and flexible, but she also loves her hour-glass shape so we always spend time fine-tuning it.”

Rihanna mixes up her sessions, choosing from workouts including kung fu, tae kwon do, karate, yoga and Pilates. She also goes cycling, running and swimming.

Ary says it is important to the singer to vary her exercises.

“The key aim is to lift your own body weight. We do a lot of repetitions to achieve a lean, muscular, flexible and tight frame,” Ary explained.

“Every one of Rihanna’s sessions is different and she responds to change. We work hard and have fun doing it. I challenge my clients every time we train.”

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