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Robert Carlyle gave himself a Begbie makeunder for Trainspotting sequel

Trainspotting actor Ewen Bremner has credited costume designer Rachael Fleming for starting the men's skinny jeans movement.

Robert Carlyle put on weight and grew a moustache to get back into character as his Trainspotting alter ego Francis Begbie.

The cast of the Danny Boyle’s cult Edinburgh-set movie have reunited after a 21-year break, with Robert, Ewan McGregor, Jonny Lee Miller and Ewen Bremner slipping seamlessly back into character for T2 Trainspotting.

To help him really feel like psychopath Begbie, Scottish actor Robert made sure his look was spot on.

“I put on a little bit of weight. He’s been in jail eating all that stodgy prison food day after day. And I don’t think Begbie’s the kinda guy who gets into gym culture,” Robert laughed to Time Out London. “He’s happy with his bacon, eggs and potato scones.

“(I got rid of the mullet because) in every picture I looked at of prison life, the hair is short. I toyed with the idea of going completely bald. In the end I settled on a number six (razor length). And the moustache is still there – it’s his signature.”

Jonny, who plays Sick Boy, is still rocking ice blonde hair, and admits it was easy to look pale and withdrawn as he’d flown straight in from filming in a studio in New York when the new production kicked off.

“I was not looking healthy and tanned,” he smiled.

Ewen, known to millions as hapless heroin addict Spud, is still hooked on the drug in the sequel, and even wears some of his original costumes. Remembered for Spud’s skinny jeans, loud shirts and goggle-like glasses, not much has changed with the fictional character's wardrobe after two decades away from the spotlight.

“In a lot of cases we were putting on the same clothes, the same trousers from 20 years ago. Actually, our costume designer Rachael Fleming basically invented skinny jeans for men with Trainspotting," he said. "They didn’t exist before! She would take women’s jeans and restitch them, or men’s jeans and cut them apart and restitch them. That was down to her, that whole movement!"

T2 Trainspotting hits cinemas from 27 January (17).

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