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Roberto Cavalli: Giorgio Armani envies me

Roberto Cavalli thinks Giorgio Armani is jealous of him

The Italian designer prides himself on his outlandish creations and fascinating prints. He has been in the business for many years, and is known for being outspoken about his peers.

He thinks nothing of pointing out what other designers do wrong, insisting many of them wish their business was more like his.

“Dolce & Gabbana. Giorgio Armani – I adore Giorgio! Because he is so serious. But sometimes he is so jealous of me. So jealous!” he laughed. “I remember at the Cannes festival I make the entrance with Jennifer Lopez, a very good friend of mine. And I saw Giorgio. I run to him, ‘Giorgio, how are you? Giorgio, I don’t know if you know Jennifer?’ ‘Of course!’ he shouted.”

Roberto thinks the main difference between his business and that of Giorgio and other designers’ is that he doesn’t consider money as much. He insists he creates things out of love, with the popularity being a nice by-product.

“[Gianni Versace] was the only one that maybe enjoy just to create without thinking,” he told The Times. “We don’t care. When I make one piece, I don’t care if it will make 10,000 pieces. I do it because I like it. Giorgio Armani, if he creates one jacket, he wants to be sure he can make a few thousand. It’s a question of how you see your business.”

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