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Rochelle Humes' beauty secrets and make-up must-haves


Flawless: Rochelle Humes
Flawless: Rochelle Humes

The TV presenter and singer has been in the spotlight since she was a girl, and has picked up a few cosmetics tips along the way. Prudence Wade finds out more.

Her days singing in The Saturdays are behind her, and now Rochelle Humes is focused on presenting shows like Ninja Warrior UK and developing her own cosmetic line, HIGlow.

As someone who always looks flawless and obviously knows her stuff when it comes to make-up, we grabbed a few minutes with Humes to talk all things beauty...

What's your earliest beauty memory?

My earliest beauty memory is probably about my mum. She taught me from such a young age to always take your make-up off before bed, and to always cleanse, tone and moisturise.

What three products would you take to a desert island?

Moisturiser - I hate dry skin. I love Kiehl's. I'd also take a hair treatment - I'm always putting treatments in my hair. Philip Kingsley Elasticizer is probably my favourite.

And coconut oil! I use it for everything - my hair, my skin, my babies. I take it with me everywhere.

What beauty products do you always have in your handbag?

A good lip balm is my favourite thing. I do one with my HIGlow line that I basically designed for me and my friends. It's like a peachy, shimmery nude. It goes with everything and it's not as heavy as lipstick. I'm a bit funny about lipstick, but I love lip balm.

Have you picked up any tips from make-up artists that have been really useful?

I'm lucky because I get to have my make-up done quite a lot. I'm obsessed with contouring, but my tip would be, don't go out and buy a full contour kit - instead buy one shade darker than your foundation, and use that to contour.

Are there any make-up trends at the moment that you're not keen on?

Overhighlighting. Highlights are one of my favourite things, but I can't handle garish colours or what I call 'Instagram make-up' when it looks really fake and metallic. I'm not so keen on that.

What's the last beauty product you bought?

I went and bought some of Rihanna's stuff [Fenty Beauty]. It's really good. I got a highlighter from there that I really like - it's lovely.

What's your favourite luxury product, something you think it's really worth splashing out on?

Tom Ford foundation sticks, they're so good.

Rochelle Humes is a Specsavers ambassador. Visit for further information

In Rochelle's make-up bag...

  • Kiehl's ultra facial cream, £24.50
  • Philip Kingsley elasticizer, £32
  • Fenty Beauty killawatt foil freestyle highlighter duo, £28, Harvey Nichols
  • HIGlow high intensity by Rochelle Humes lip balm, £4.99, Superdrug
  • Tom Ford traceless foundation stick, £66, Selfridges

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