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Rooney Mara: I have to be a style icon

Rooney Mara has reluctantly accepted being labelled a "style icon" as she is "not interested in that world".

The actress confessed that there are few things she dislikes more than walking a red carpet at premieres.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star is irritated by all the preparations that are needed before attending big Hollywood events, but has learnt they are a necessary evil in the film industry.

"The thing is, it’s kind of an annoying part of the job - because I’m not a model, and I don’t want to be. I didn’t try to be a style icon. I’m just not that interested in that world," Rooney confessed to US Vogue magazine. "But it does matter, and either I can fight that or I just have to accept that it is a part of my job, and I may as well wear things that I like and that represent me."

The painfully shy brunette confided about some of the anxiety issues she lives with on a daily basis. Despite being a natural in front of the cameras while on the set of a movie, the thought of posing in front of cameras on the red carpet fills her with dread. Rooney doesn't like to be the centre of attention and would often rather be alone than at a celebrity party.

"[The red carpet is] a nightmare! It’s a panic attack waiting to happen. I don’t even like people to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me. When we wrap a film and everyone claps and cheers, I turn red. And then I have to walk out onto the middle of this carpet and there are all these photographers, and they’re all screaming at you," Rooney explained. "And usually there’s a party at the other end of it, so it’s not even like I have solace at the end of the carpet! It’s like then I have to walk into my other nightmare!"

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