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Rory McIlroy strips off for Men's Health magazine shoot

By Sara Neill

He has swapped a nine-iron for pumping iron, and now Rory McIlroy is showing off the results of his hard work in the gym.

The Holywood man has grown into a world-class sportsman. It's miles away from the little boy hitting golf balls into a washing machine.

Rory has replaced his trim body with a ripped physique for the front cover of Men's Health magazine, becoming the first golfer to claim the coveted spot.

All eyes will be on him this week at Augusta as he aims to win the US Masters, but his latest poses have more than a hint of one-upmanship.

Less than two months ago, his ex-fiancee Caroline Wozniacki exchanged her tennis whites for a very small bikini to pose for the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

While the tennis star said the racy photoshoot was "fulfilling a dream", others claimed she was sending a message to her famous ex that their very public split was old news.

If she was trying to show off what he was missing, Rory has returned the compliment with his impressive muscles.

He has been trying to bulk up his five-foot-ten frame, and alongside a $250m sponsorship deal with Nike comes the chance to work with leading personal trainers.

Rory has been spotted on early morning jogs, practising his golf swing by floodlight, and sweating it out on the stationary bike.

Though he admits not long ago he could not hold the plank position for more than 30 seconds, he now looks forward to getting into the gym.

"During The Open last year, (my PT) didn't want me training, but he said 'if you shoot 67 or lower today, you can go into the gym for a little bit'.

"That gives me a goal to try and get into the gym after my round."

Brian Cahill, personal trainer at FrankFitMe, believes the change in Rory's training, eating and sleeping habits would take at least six months.

"Rory does look more athletic now, but this isn't just about training his biceps so that he looks good in a T-shirt, he'll be doing full body exercises.

Golf is a gentleman's game, and Rory's fellow countryman Darren Clarke was previously spotted puffing on a cigar, but even DC has transformed from into a lean-looking sportsman.

"These transformations make other golfers sit up and take notice, because there's no way they can keep up," Brian said. "It's not just about natural ability, these guys are training their whole bodies, and they're not carrying big bellies anymore."

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