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Rory McIlroy’s ex Holly Sweeney in raunchy photoshoot

By Kerry McKittrick

Holly Sweeney teamed up with one of Northern Ireland's most provocative photographers to produce a new range of raunchy photos. The model and sports student appeared topless in a range of photos taken by her friend, Gavin Millar.

The most explicit of the pictures shows Holly wearing nothing but stockings, sunglasses and a pair of knickers. Others show her in more artful poses with her pet chihuahuas.

Holly has been no stranger to controversy since her split with the sports star in 2011.

Holly insisted that the pictures, taken a few months ago, are tasteful and not like those in lads mags.

“This was art, it wasn't tacky at all,” she said. “The pictures with Gavin are a completely different style to page three.”

Belfast-based photographer Millar has worked on campaigns for companies such as Remus Uomo, The Merchant Hotel and Argento as well as a selection of portraits of chef Michael Deane. His website shows a range of dark yet artistic shots often of women in explicit poses.

Although revealing pictures of Holly have appeared in public before — including one of her in the bath that she tweeted herself — this is the first time Holly has revealed so much on camera.

“No-one had ever asked me to go topless before,” said Holly, who celebrated her 22nd birthday on Saturday.

“With Gavin and I together, the pictures were always going to be a little crazy.

“I know Gavin well and I trust him.”

She stressed: “I wouldn't have done the shots if I didn't feel comfortable.”

The model has declared herself delighted with the results of the shoot, adding: “I love Gavin's style and I appreciate his photography. He's an extremely talented photo- grapher.”

Good golly! Ms Holly’s fame game

By Frances Burscough

Holly Sweeney is a perfect example of the modern, 21st Century celebrity. She's on the guest list of every star-studded event you can think of — well, in Belfast at least.

She courts the paparazzi in low-cut, cleavage-enhancing couture. She smiles and waves obligingly and tweets her fans continually.

She has been a guest on an Irish reality TV show, she gives exclusive interviews to the local media and talks candidly about her life at every opportunity.

If it's hip she's there already, signing autographs and availing of the VIP perks. But what precisely is her claim to fame?

Well, to put it bluntly, she was dumped by Rory McIlroy. Yep, that just about sums it up.

Although she largely kept out of the limelight in the six years she was his girlfriend, no sooner had he moved on to pastures new — in the form of tennis champ Caroline Wozniacki — than Holly began a new love affair with the media.

Holly certainly didn't go lightly. Ever since she's been in your face at every opportunity, whilst Rory squirms quietly in the background.

So I reckon those stripper-style pictures that ‘emerged’ at the weekend were almost certainly part of a carefully calculated long-term plan: To become more famous than her ex and show him what he's missing.

If she is to follow in the wake of fellow fame-hungry starlets, the next stop in her stealthy climb will probably be an advice column in a tabloid glossy, followed by a stint as a TV presenter and maybe a perfume.

Next up could be an appearance on I'm A Celebrity and/or Celebrity Big Brother and of course the obligatory kiss and tell autobiography. Oh and a new boyfriend, of course, ideally from an X Factor boy band.

So the saucy pics certainly worked a treat. Front cover of the Sundays and a weekly columnist commenting to boot. Bang on schedule.

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