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Rumer Willis can’t get enough of Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit

Rumer Willis still loves L'Artisan Tuberose perfume as it reminds her of her mother Demi Moore using it.

Rumer Willis is so obsessed with Kylie Jenner’s Lip Kit that she’ll buy it on eBay if it sells out.

The 28-year-old star boasts flawless make-up at all times, whether she’s on the red carpet or performing as part of her cabaret tour. Rather than relying on high-end products, Rumer is a big fan of reality star Kylie’s cosmetics, so much so that she’ll purchase them through any means possible.

“Oh, do not judge me on this! I am using a Kylie Lip Kit and I buy it full price, and if it sells out, I go to f**king eBay and buy it there,” she laughed to “It's so good. I don't care. I have all of her lip kits and her eyeshadow, and I realise I'm a mess, but it's magic. I'm like, ‘Kylie, can we work out a deal? Do you know how much I buy?!’"

Another of Rumer’s beauty loves is perfume and she was recently announced as the brand ambassador for eco-friendly brand By Kilian, which she describes as a “dream come true”.

She divulges she’s more into scents than make-up and can recall the impact fragrance made on her as a youngster.

“I remember being at camp, and any time I smell Acqua Di Gio (Giorgio Armani), even though it's so ratchet, I think of all the boys I liked... and I'll always love L'Artisan Tuberose, because my mom used to wear it,” the eldest daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis smiled.

“And we used to spray L'Artisan's Timbuktu on ourselves in high school because we'd smoke in the garage, and it smells woodsy. So nobody would know.”

One of her favourite scents from By Kilian is called Moonlight in Heaven, which is presented in an Art Deco clutch.

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