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Ruth Wilson regrets dressing like a 'schoolgirl from Mars' in youth

Ruth Wilson wishes she could wear big ball gown dresses, but she's too short to carry them off.

Ruth Wilson cringes when she thinks about the "schoolgirl from Mars" outfit she once wore.

Before becoming a bona fide Hollywood A-lister, actress Ruth had to style herself for red carpet events. This led to some unfortunate fashion choices, including a pink dress and black beret faux pas.

“There’s a photo that exists somewhere of me in this awful bright pink dress that I bought from somewhere like Zara or H&M or something and I was wearing a black beret with it. I look sort of bazaar. I look like a schoolgirl from Mars,” she laughed to People.

These days Ruth’s look is much sleeker, and she’s been showing off her impressive wardrobe at the Toronto International Film Festival.

When it comes to getting dressed up for film and TV premieres, The Affair star admits wearing designer clothes is definitely a perk of the job.

“It’s enjoyable to wear these outfits, and you get the opportunity to wear some brilliant clothes,” she gushed.

Her ultimate style crush is British actress Tilda Swinton because of her fearlessness when it comes to rocking bold looks. And while the 34-year-old would like to try out fashion-forward styles, she isn’t sure she has the right body type to pull them off.

“There are certain things I would love to rock on the red carpet, which I probably can’t. Like I love big gowns, these massive outfits, but I drown in too much material so I can’t really wear them. You have to be tall and long enough to wear one of those big model-type outfits,” she explained.

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