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Salma Hayek enjoyed 'freedom' of make-up free Beatriz at Dinner role

The star was so touched to have the leading part written just for her.

Actress Salma Hayek relished the "freedom" of going make-up free for her new movie Beatriz at Dinner because she could squeeze in a little extra sleep each morning.

The Frida star portrays the titular character in the new comedy, about a holistic medical practitioner who finds herself out of her depth when she is invited to join a dinner party at a wealthy client's property.

Salma, who is known for her glamorous red carpet looks, had to keep her appearance simple and dress down for the role of Beatriz, and she insists the lack of make-up really helps her character's personality shine through onscreen.

"It was great," she smiled on U.S. breakfast show Good Morning America. "There was a sense of freedom that I was not expected to look good... and I got to play a beautiful woman that was so beautiful inside.

"In the movie, she sucks you in, you're really interested in her and you find the beauty, and that is so important today, so I really loved not having to worry about the hair and the make-up and really just focusing on the part."

And not having to start her day onset in the make-up chair allowed Salma to take it easy each morning: "I could sleep a little later, it was good for the budget of the film!" she shared.

The project, directed by The Good Girl's Miguel Arteta, was made all the more special for Salma because writer Mike White had penned the script with her in mind.

"It was such a shock, because you know, when you start out, you dream that somebody's gonna be inspired by your talent, and some brilliant director and brilliant writer will write something for you, and it never happened," she explained. "I have directors I worked with... but I don't know if it was my talent... and then I grew up... and at 49 (it finally happened), (it) makes me wanna cry. One of my favourite directors and writer (sic) showed up with this gift."

Beatriz at Dinner, which co-stars John Lithgow, Chloe Sevigny, and Connie Britton, has received positive reviews ahead of its U.S. release this week (ends09Jun17), and Salma admits it's among the best films of her career to date.

"I love this movie; it's totally my favourite movie I've ever made, with Frida," she said. "I've seen it many times, and every time I find new things in it; it's brilliant."

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