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Salma Hayek harnesses power of natural beauty products

Actress Salma Hayek likes to dab lipstick on her cheeks rather than blusher.

Salma Hayek is a big fan of using natural beauty products in her daily beauty regime.

The Mexican-born actress and producer’s schedule is always jam-packed, and she is currently promoting action movie The Hitman's Bodyguard.

While Salma has access to just about any beauty product on the market and also runs her Nuance cosmetics brand, she swears simple solutions are best when it comes to cleansing.

"At night I take off my make-up with coconut oil," she told The New York Times. "Then I use rose water to take off the residuals. You can use a hot towel with the rose water — you put a wet towel in the microwave — to do a little steam. I’ll use the chamomile cleanser from Nuance. Then I splash with cold water."

The 50-year-old avoids cleansing in the morning and will simply spritz a little rose water to her face when she wakes up. And she doesn't understand the point of exfoliating each day.

"Exfoliating a lot may make you look good in the short-term, but not I think in the long-term. I see many women in L.A. who have exfoliated so much they look shiny. I’ll use a mix of serums and oils depending on my skin that day," the actress explained.

When Salma's off-duty, she will simply wear a little foundation and create her own blusher by dabbing a little lipstick on the apples of her cheeks. And the Frida star admits that she has amassed quite the collection of lip colours recently.

"I love the lip colours and textures of the Clinique Pop line. I just discovered them. I also use a lot of Charlotte Tilbury and throw a Sisley lip balm in my purse," she smiled.

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