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Salma Hayek husband likes tasty lipstick

Salma Hayek says her husband appreciates her pleasant-tasting lipstick.

The 44-year-old actress has created a new beauty, hair and skin care line called Nuance.

The stunning star is married to French businessman, Francois-Henri Pinault, and Salma says her husband loves giving his verdict on her range of products.

The Hollywood actress says he especially likes her impressive tasting lipstick.

"There's a couple of products that he's like, 'Wow.' He's very impressed. The green-tea cooling eye gel he really likes. You know what else he likes?" she mused in an interview with USA Today.

"[Holding up a tube of lip gloss] One time he kissed me and he said, 'Wow. That's the best-tasting lipstick I've ever had.'"

Salma was directly involved in each part of the development process with her beauty line, testing every product. She doesn’t agree with celebrities simply associating themselves with products without actually working on them.

"No, chica. I've been working on this for years,” she replied when asked about celebrities who sign their names to brands without getting involved. “I burn my face, my eyes, trying this. I have very sensitive skin. The stuff is really, really, really good.

"I believe in products. Every woman should be entitled to preserve her youth to the best of human ability. I was really excited to make this possible."

Salma learned about natural products from her grandmother, who experimented with local plants and herbs in her childhood. The Mexican star says she proved that products could work without a hefty price tag.

"My grandmother used to make her creams. Some of the creams were super-cheap, but they were so efficient," she explained.

"I knew there was a way of making extraordinary products that make a difference, without spending that kind of money.”

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