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Sarah Jessica Parker hosts toenail clipping parties

The style icon won't go a day without wearing perfume.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker takes feet pampering so seriously she hosts regular parties devoted to toenail clipping.

The Sex & the City star deeply appreciates all the work her tootsies have put in throughout her life and she is inclined to show her gratitude by making foot care a priority.

"I've asked a lot of my feet for a lot of years, and they've been really good to me," she explains to "I try to take care of them myself - I put on moisturiser and use a pumice. I don't have a pedicure unless someone makes me for work, but I clip my own nails, and I always have a good nail clipper.

"(My seven-year-old daughter) Tabitha has been clipping her own nails for over a year. Every Sunday night we clip nails in our house. We call it 'Clip Clip!'"

Sarah's simplistic approach to caring for her feet also applies to her fingernails, with the 51-year-old noting having perfectly manicured tips doesn't really work out well for her often.

"My nails are just buffed and clean," she explains. "I use my hands a lot. I cook. I clean. I do laundry. (Nail polish) is not practical in my life given what my hands need to do every day! But for a red carpet, I will wear a dark green or something specific."

However, the actress will not stray away from luxury when it comes to wearing perfume.

"I am not somebody who uses fragrance for an occasion," she shares. "I start my day with it, and I've always thought of it like second skin. I'm pretty monogamous with it too. I wore (my first scent), Lovely, for years. Now I'm on my new one, Stash."

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