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Sarah Jessica Parker: 'I do everything in front of my husband!'

Sarah Jessica Parker has learned to accept her naturally wavy hair for what it is.

Sarah Jessica Parker draws the line at popping a pimple in front of husband Matthew Broderick.

The Divorce actress has been married to her actor spouse since 1997, and the pair has three children together.

And when it comes to their home life, Sarah admits she is more than comfortable around her partner.

"I do everything in front of my husband, so I have forgotten what it's like!" she told "I guess I wouldn't walk around in zit cream, but even that doesn't sound so bad. Even a retainer is fine. Oh! I would never pop anything in front of him, but you shouldn't do that anyway!"

As well as looking flawless in fashion on the red carpet, Sarah has also experimented with various hair looks over the years. However, when it comes to her natural locks, the 51-year-old has learned to make the best of her tresses.

"I actually have very wavy hair. I think that people spend a lot of time trying to make it curly, but it's actually very wavy," she said. "I don't know how to blow my hair out, never have, didn't care to learn, don't have the time or the temperament. For me, I accept my hair as it is. I spend so much time getting my hair done for work that I often just wear my hair in a bun. I just wash my hair at night and sleep on it."

Sarah rarely puts a foot wrong when it comes to her outfit choices. And in terms of getting inspiration for her looks, the former Sex and the City actress turns to locals in New York.

"People on the subway that I think look amazing," Sarah replied when asked about her fashion influences. "So many images have been influential to me that there isn't just one person. It could be a (store) window or fabrics I see put together, some young girl on the subway who is doing something different and really looks like herself, my mom, or someone I saw on screen..."

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