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Sarah Jessica Parker uses eyebrow pencil to perfect pout

Sarah Jessica Parker follows a simply beauty regime which consists of washing her face and applying moisturiser.

Sarah Jessica Parker uses an eyebrow pencil on her lips because she can’t find the right shade of liner.

The Sex and the City star is known for her ability to pull off just about any trend and rarely puts a foot wrong when stepping out on the red carpet.

Though for her make-up, Sarah turns to some unusual products to get a perfect appearance.

Asked what products she’d like to work on creating in the beauty world, Sarah told “The things that I use are the things that I am most interested in, which is eye colour. Or, maybe a natural lip liner, which for me has been difficult to find.

“I use a colour on my lips that is meant for eyebrows because the colour around my mouth is a bit lavender - it’s tawny, more brown than it is rust or pink... I wear it with just gloss and it has a really nice look. So I would probably try to do that because that doesn’t really exist in the market as it should.”

Despite being one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood, Sarah still prefers to shop for skincare buys in her local drug store. And when it comes to her daily skincare regime, the 51-year-old adopts a simple approach.

“I wear La Roche-Posay moisturiser - La Roche-Posay is the only moisturiser I use; I use the fluid, it’s like water, it’s so good,” she said. “I wash my face, I try to always wash my face, even if I am really tired and I don’t want to wash my face.

“So it’s really just a huge amount of the fluid. I don’t wear eye cream or anything because everybody told me it’s basically a bunch of malarkey. I wear lip balm every night, but that’s kind of it.”

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