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Ship shape to set sail on fashion high seas

By Patrice Dougan

A unique dress inspired by work being carried out in the Titanic Quarter has been unveiled.

The Titanic dress and hat creation was revealed yesterday in the former Harland and Wolff Drawing Offices where the famous liner was designed.

Showcasing a bold design, clearly inspired by the shape of the new Titanic Belfast building, the dress will make its red carpet debut at the London Lifestyle Awards next week.

The custom-made dress will then be on display at the Titanic Belfast visitor attraction when it opens to mark the centenary of the ship’s maiden voyage and its sinking in 1912.

Local dress designer Lizzie Agnew, who created the design, admitted that the dress’s template was a such a challenge it demanded that she enlisted the help of local welder Graeme McGarel to make an aluminium frame to go underneath it.

“The structure is layered with metallic grey silk which captures the effect of the distinctive shimmering cladding of the building,” said Lizzie, who has made gowns for former Miss World Rosanna Davidson and was also commissioned to create the Dome Dress based on Belfast City Hall in 2009.

Flowing white and pale green silks mimic the spray of waves, and the hat was inspired by the Titanic’s funnels.

Adorning the hat and providing a vintage sparkle to the creation is a hand-made Swarovski crystal brooch, created by Moira-based Helen Fitzpatrick.

The jewellery embroiderer has designed pieces for Princess Diana and has also worked on haute couture lines for Gucci, Prada and Oscar de la Renta.

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