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Shirley MacLaine isn't a fan of 'gourmet' outfits

Actress Shirley MacLaine pulled her outfit for the 2017 Oscars from her own wardrobe.

Shirley MacLaine has no interest in following trends or wearing "gourmet" outfits.

The veteran Hollywood star has been a cinema fixture since the ‘50s, bagging an Oscar in 1984 for her performance in Terms of Endearment. Over the years she has also made her mark on the red carpet with her classic fashion ensembles, which tend to feature some element of quirkiness.

While Shirley can afford to engage any designer she wishes to outfit her for events or award ceremonies, she insists that luxury fashion isn't her style.

"I'm not into gourmet dressing... Who has the time to keep up that facade?" she told The New York Times, adding that her sartorial choices are simple. "I match my sweater to my shoes."

The 82-year-old then explained that she prefers sweaters and tailored trousers, and will never understand the fashion trend of ripped jeans, especially on young women. Though she does hold onto her favourite clothes and jewellery, and tends to wear her Victorian-style snake rings much of the time.

"I've got enough clothes in my closet for 13 lifetimes," she said, further explaining that she pulled her outfit for the 2017 Oscars from her wardrobe. "(I wore) black sequinned slacks from one of my Vegas shows, a top from some movie - I've forgotten which one - and a turtleneck from Chico's. Oh, and what do you call those summer shoes? Espadrilles. Thank goodness the slacks were long enough to cover them up."

The Academy Award-winning star, sister of fellow screen icon Warren Beatty, also shares that she has no interest in engaging with fans via social media. However, she is more than willing to talk about her life in person with a reporter.

"All that going on Twitter and going on Instagram half-dressed, to me that's sexual self-exploitation," she said. "If I'm click-worthy... that's because I'm still walking upright."

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