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Sienna Miller: 'I'm a pyjama-wearing Christmas slob'

The actress always leaves buying presents to the last minute.

Actress Sienna Miller loves nothing better than to lounge around in pyjamas all day at Christmas.

The American Sniper star, who is the face of Burberry's new groundbreaking The Tale of Thomas Burberry holiday campaign, will be pigging out and slacking off throughout the holidays, and she insists she's just like everyone else.

“My favourite thing about Christmas is it being a time of year when everybody reconnects and gets back together and it’s an excuse to eat food all day, which I love," she tells Vogue Australia. "I very rarely get out of my pyjamas for Christmas, much to the chagrin of my family, and this Christmas will be no different, except I’ll be dressed in my brand new Burberry silk pyjamas, which means I can run out to the shops or the pub and not be ashamed to be seen.”

Sienna's Christmas obsession goes beyond preferred loungewear, as the pyjamas tend to turn up under Christmas trees as loved ones' gifts.

“I love getting pyjamas," she explains. "I buy people what I like to get. I gave everybody pyjamas last year that were really beautiful and I think they make women feel kind of special."

However, although Sienna loves to give out gifts, she admits selecting presents is often a last-minute process for her.

"For my daughter, maybe a rocking horse would be nice," she muses. "That just came to me, but honestly I’m that person on Christmas Eve who’s running around crying in a department store. I’d love to say that I’ve thought about it, but I haven’t. So I end up being wildly over generous because it’s last minute. I’m good at giving gifts, but I’m not organised.”

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