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Six best sports bras

Stay comfortable and supported during your workout with the right undergarment

By Zoe Galloway

1. Freya Sonic Storm Moulded Sports Bra: £38, Freya Lingerie

Freya creates lingerie, swimwear and sports bras for larger bust sizes meaning this sports bra is available from a B to H-cup. We tested it by going on a series of runs and it stood up to pounding the pavement well - there was very little chest movement and a comfortable fit meant there was no irritation of the skin. The in-built cups are supportive and keep everything in place but don't restrict movement of the arms. The three-clip fastening at the back adds extra support and you can style the straps in two ways depending on what you find most comfortable. Also available in pink and peach, it's a top-quality sports bra.

2. Victoria's Secret Knockout By Victoria Sport Front-Close Sport Bra: £33.18, Victoria's Secret

This cleverly designed bra is ideal for any type of work out. Unzip the front fabric and you'll find another regular bra inside that unclips at the front. This second bra adds extra support, while the front fabric flattens and holds everything in place. The end result is an extremely supportive sports bra and very little bounce when exercising. You won't notice you're wearing it either and the sizing works like regular bras so you know you're getting one that fits well (rather than the less specific small, medium and large sizing). It's also super-stylish, coming in a range of jazzy and plain prints and like with most Victoria's Secret products, it's flattering in all the right places.

3. 2XU Plyometric Pro Crop: £50, 2XU

The pattern on this compression sports bra caught our attention - the black and white print completes most of the bra but the straps and a panel at the back are plain black. It fits snuggly (pulling it over your head is a bit of a challenge if you haven't loosened the straps first) and the elastic around the bottom means it hugs your chest comfortably. And don't worry, while the compression style flattens to add support it still looks good on. But we would only recommend using this one for light to moderate workouts as although it's supportive, there was a fair amount of movement when doing more vigorous exercise.

4. New Balance The Print Tenderly Obsessive Bra: £24, New Balance

This reasonably priced sports bra from the running specialists is made of sweat-wicking fabric and allows your body to breathe as you exercise. The bright print means it looks good under plain work out tops and the racer back allows full movement of the arms. For A and B-cups this is suitable for high impact sport but for everyone else it's better suited to more gentle gym, yoga or pilates sessions. The internal cup padding adds a bit of shape despite it being a tube-style compression bra and it's comfy to wear. Considering the price, it's worth buying if you're just beginning your fitness journey.

5. Adidas CMMTTD Chill

Bra: £44.95, Adidas

Adidas has created an extremely versatile sports bra that is suitable for all forms of exercise and stands up to the most vigorous gym sessions. The fit is tight, with the padded cups and elastic fabric sucking and lifting your chest while the additional clip fastening at the back adds extra support. There's very little chest movement when you work out but the adjustable straps and racer back mean arm movement isn't restricted. The sizing also considers cup size, ranging from an A to D-cup.

6. Manuka Life Manuka Women's Seamless String Bra Top: £21.60, Amazon

This is a pretty, lightweight sports bra from Manuka Life, a brand dedicated to creating yoga, pilates and general lounge wear. For that reason, it's not for medium or high intensity workouts and best suited to those with a smaller chest. Although it is a compression bra, there is still a significant amount of bounce if you have a larger cup size.

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