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Solange Knowles went through a Goth phase as a teen

Singer Solange Knowles is now more interested in conveying a sense of style, rather than being caught up in fashion trends.

Solange Knowles went through a serious Goth phase as a teenager.

The singer-songwriter pulls out all the stops with her red carpet ensembles, and has built up a reputation for her fierce approach to colour and print.

But while Solange now has her pick of designer dresses, the star has shared that her wardrobe was made up of dark and grungy pieces for a time when she was at school.

"One of the girls in my band, Franchelle, we went to junior high school together and decided to be Goth for a month," she told W magazine. "Actually, the teacher pulled her to the side and said, 'Black girls don't be wearing all this black s**t! You gotta take this off!' And of course, that just made us go even harder."

The Cranes in the Sky singer now typically opts for a bohemian luxe vibe when it comes to dressing, a look which contrasts with the style of her couture-wearing older sister Beyonce.

And Solange claims to look to a number of singers when it comes to her signature look, including the likes of Bjork, Kate Bush, Lauryn Hill and Erykah Badu.

The 30-year-old shares that as she matures, she is more interested in conveying a more sophisticated image in general, rather than simply focusing on fashion trends.

And the star, who is married to music video director Alan Ferguson, also finds her own career to be a source of inspiration.

"I used to be really interested in fashion years ago, and the more and more I kind of got pushed into that world, the more it actually motivated me to write this album," she laughed. "So, once I kind of made that decision to really kind of do this for me, my style has kind of evolved and changed so much over the last 10 years."

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