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Solving your three major summer skin challenges


Environmental factors can often leave our skin looking more drab than fab.

Environmental factors can often leave our skin looking more drab than fab.

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Orangery at Galgorm Spa

Orangery at Galgorm Spa

Environmental factors can often leave our skin looking more drab than fab.

From the smoggy commute to the air-conditioned office, with strong sunshine in between… these three factors can wreak havoc on your skin in the summer months if you aren’t careful.

We all want to have glowing skin during the summer months, but environmental factors can often leave our skin looking more drab than fab. Get your glow back with these top tips on tackling daily summer skin challenges from Galgorm Spa & Resort’s SkinCeuticals expert, Lyndsay Hegarty.

The air-conditioned office

"To avoid our skin struggles, we need to understand what is going on around us and how this can affect our skin in the first place", says Lyndsay.

"Air conditioning dries out any moisture in the air and it is this lack of humidity in the air that seems to affect the water content of the outer layer of the skin as well as reducing its elastic properties, making our skin feel dryer and rougher."

The important thing to combat air conditioning is to always remember to re-hydrate the skin, not just by drinking the recommended two litres of water a day (did you know your skin is the last organ in the body to attain any benefits from water?) but with topical applications of hydrating serums and moisturisers.

The smoggy commute

Congestion can build up in our skin and cause breakouts when bacteria isn’t being removed from the skin surface. Living in built-up areas where there is lots of pollution and dirt in the air (including smoke from cigarettes) doesn’t help and can make your skin even worse, so it’s important to remember to cleanse your skin of the day’s grime.

"Put simply – at the end of the day, you must alwas remove your makeup and along with it, the dirt and debris that has built up on your skin throughout the day. If this is not removed, the dirt will settle into your pores, clog them and cause congestion and breakouts", warns Lyndsay.

So it’s as simple as that!

Strong sunshine

Believe it or not, sometimes Northern Ireland does get some strong sunshine! But whether it is a sunny day or not, did you know you should always wear sunscreen?

Lyndsay says: "SPF should be worn every day, to protect your skin from harmful rays. A minimum of SPF 30 is recommended for everyday wear and this protection should be stepped up when the weather is better, and the sun is stronger".

When in the sun, it’s important to reapply your sunscreen to exposed areas every 90 -120 minutes, or as the product label indicates – and this includes your face. If you are sweating or swimming, remember to top up your SPF and make sure you don’t get caught out.

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