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Sophie Turner's cheat treat is a sausage

Sophie Turner feels groggy when she eats unhealthy foods.

Sophie Turner rarely has a cheat day but can’t resist tucking into a cheeky sausage when she does.

The Game of Thrones actress shows off a slender physique in the hit TV show and in Marvel movie X-Men: Apocalypse, as well as on the red carpet, but her lean frame doesn’t come without hard work.

Explaining her diet used to be “horrendous” before signing up to the superhero movie, Sophie admits she still has moments where she wants to eat calorific treats.

“Now I pretty much eat healthily just because I don't really have a tolerance for unhealthy food anymore - I feel really groggy after I eat it,” she sighed to “I'm into eating healthily and eating the right proportions, working out whenever I can. And I know a lot about food now, what's good for you, what's not. I rarely have a cheat day but, I mean, I love sausages. Like, I eat sausage all the time. Obviously, it's preferably chicken sausage because (it's healthier) but if I can get away with eating pork sausage I will.”

Sophie, 21, often puts her figure on display in fitted ensembles while at a showbiz event or out and about during her spare time. And when it comes to mastering her beauty looks, the star notes that while she has heaps of make-up to hand, she doesn’t actually cover her face in a lot of cosmetics.

“I find a lot of inspiration from Instagram - I really like to find looks that would work on me,” she smiled. “I take a lot of pictures to my make-up artist and say, 'Can we do something like this?', and then they create a whole new look for me inspired by that. I love putting together moments like that, beauty moments."

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