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Spalding prefers ‘natural’ tresses

Esperanza Spalding prefers natural-looking hair.

The American jazz bassist and singer is renowned for her beautiful afro hair and quirky style.

The stunning star prefers the natural look, and shies away from over-styling her tresses.

“Embracing and freely wearing my natural hair is like a form of self-expression,” she told Essence magazine. “I don’t have any desire to make it straight; it doesn’t speak to who I am as a person. I’ve been natural my entire life!”

Esperanza, 26, says her mother encouraged her love for her natural curly locks.

The Grammy Award-winning star’s top tip for keeping her hair looking fabulous is leaving it to its own devices.

“My mother didn’t believe in relaxers and vowed never to put lye on her child’s scalp. I’ve never had a relaxer and I never will,” she explained.

“I just let it do what it wants.”

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