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Spring into fashion with Gok's tips for refreshing your look

The star stylist tells Gabrielle Fagan how to overhaul your wardrobe for the new season

Charismatic, outspoken Gok Wan - who found fame presenting hit TV show How To Look Good Naked - is surely the go-to man for advice on fashion.

After all, he's been advising women on how to feel and look better for more than a decade.

With spring on the way, and all those exciting new looks and styles about to hit the shops, we've asked him for his advice on refreshing your image and waking up that wardrobe.

Take time for personal reflection

"Have an honest relationship with your mirror so you understand your reflection and how it's changed. Always look at yourself from all angles and decide what are your best points - they're the ones you want to play up," says Gok.

"If you're trying a dress on in a shop, ask whoever is with you to take pictures and you can then have a coffee and look at them before you buy - it can help avoid expensive mistakes."

Keep your hair in shape

"If you're feeling you're stuck in a rut and need to revitalise your look, invest in a good hair cut and, if necessary, a colour. Do your research first so you find a salon and hairdresser who'll be prepared to talk about what you want, what they think will suit you and what will work with your hair type."

Edit your wardrobe

"Spring's a brilliant time to give your wardrobe an edit. Organise everything by putting it into compartments for work wear, casual wear and formal wear," he suggests and remove anything you don't wear or doesn't fit.

"When clothes don't fit they make you feel bad about yourself. The simple rule is, if you haven't worn something for three months, you should put it in a bag or store in another wardrobe. If by the end of six months you still haven't used any of those pieces, donate them to charity."

Feel free to wear what you want

"There are so many pressures nowadays on women to look a certain way. Its awful - I really hate it," Gok says. "Women should be cut a break and you should be able to wear what you want to wear.

"I see my role as saying, 'If you like it, wear it and enjoy your life, but I can advise on how to wear it and make it suit you'. At the end of the day, you should just be able to enjoy fashion and have fun with it.

"Also, fashion and style have no relation to age, so if you're in your seventies and love Topshop, wear Topshop, frankly it's up to you. Equally, if you're in your twenties and want to wear full-on vintage, don't be afraid to."

Choose three key styles and a new colour

"Every year there are thousands of designs, not to mention all the new trends, and it can be very confusing for people," acknowledges Gok.

"To overcome that, make a point every season try to identify three 'looks' that most appeal to you and then start building your wardrobe around them.

"This will give you have a clearer idea of the style you're trying to achieve for yourself and also give you more confidence in your clothes.

"For another wardrobe lift, consider shaking up the colours you wear. Start introducing a different colour slowly through accessories, as well as make-up.

"Go for block colours or prints, and build up gradually until you feel more confident to really embrace a new shade."

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