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Square-toed shoes and boots stomping back into fashion

Love it or loathe it, Nineties-style footwear is going to be huge this year. By Katie Wright

Office Seaweed sandals, £49
Office Seaweed sandals, £49
Zara red leather boots, £79.99
& Other Stories woven heels, £89
JD Williams crossover mules, £28
Boohoo metallic heels, £18.75 (were £25)
New Look suedette sandals, £19.99
Marks & Spencer sandals, £39.50
Topshop Hurricane boots, £89

It was bound to happen eventually. With the return of just about every Nineties trend from crop tops and chokers, to bucket hats and backpacks, it was only a matter of time before square-toed shoes stomped back into fashion.

It hasn't happened overnight, though. The first stirrings of flat-ended footwear came last year with cerebral fashion brands like Jil Sander and Toga including sensible squared-off boots and Mary Janes in their collections.

The trend really started to take off on Instagram as style bloggers, ever on the hunt for the next big thing, paired stubby leather mules and boots with cropped trousers and culottes (another Nineties favourite that's back in a big way) and suddenly we saw the cool-girl appeal of angular soled slip-ons.

Now, as the spring collections start to land on the high street, it's clear that the only sandals to be seen in this year are the kind with totally flat fronts.

We're talking the sort of strappy stilettos that Carrie Bradshaw and co wore in the early days of Sex and the City - and you get extra points if they've got a chunky Nineties-style heel too.

Not sure you're ready to embrace the pre-millennial shoe look yet?

Maybe you remember it first time around and you were glad to see the back of the oblong oddities?

In that case, there are some more subtle styles with a tapered toe that might float your boat.

And because we haven't actually reached sandal weather yet (far from it), there are some fashion-forward boots and cool court shoes in the shops now that will see you through to the end of winter.

Here's our round up (or should that be square up?) of the best square-toed shoes in the shops this season...

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