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Stacey Haskins top model dreams are still afloat

By Amanda Poole

Newtownabbey teenager Stacey Haskins’ dream of being crowned Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model is over, but the future is still looking very bright for the edgy blonde.

Stacey told the Belfast Telegraph that she was disappointed to be eliminated from the show but that she was proud of reaching the final six and had a fantastic experience.

Speaking after an underwater photoshoot, Stacey said: “I loved it.

“I learnt a lot about modelling and it was great to be in the model house with the 13 other girls. I was upset when I was eliminated because there was no real reason given for me being sent home.”

Stacey had faced some criticism on the show for being very slim. At nine and a half stone and 5ft 10ins her body mass index of 19.1 is within the normal range.

“I was bigger than some of the girls on the show,” she said.

“On one photoshoot my hips did stick out, but that’s because I was lying down.

“I’m an active person and love sports and walking up Cave Hill, but I am naturally slim.”

Stacey has come a long way since being nicknamed ‘Big Bird’ by school bullies.

The ambitious teenager is off to London soon to pursue her top model dream and has a positive message for girls who are subjected to cruel comments about their appearance.

“Ignore bullies,” Stacey said. “Be strong. Don’t let words get you down.”

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