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Star Wars villains prepare to invade OUTLET


Two infamous characters from the world of Star Wars will be appearing at Banbridge's The OUTLET this weekend.

One of Emperor Palpatine's Imperial Stormtroopers will be joined by a Tie Fighter pilot as they embark on a mission to meet and greet shoppers between 1pm and 4pm tomorrow.

Stormtroopers are the most feared soldiers in the Star Wars universe - despite their notoriety for being highly inaccurate when attempting to shoot enemies.

Tie Fighter pilots also carry a fearsome reputation after being a serious nuisance to Luke Skywalker during his successful attempt to blow up the Empire's Death Star in Episode IV: A New Hope.

The OUTLET has urged all budding Jedis to come out in 'force' as the appearance of the troops is a great, free photo opportunity.

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