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Steve Carell hated Bobby Riggs look for Battle of the Sexes movie

The actor jokes he's thinking about training men to become sex symbols after receiving praise for his new "silver fox" hair.

Steve Carell hated his Bobby Riggs look for period tennis drama Battle of the Sexes, because he had to look like he dyed his own hair.

The funnyman grew his own hair and sideburns to play the womanising sportsman, who famously took on Billie Jean King as part of a 1973 publicity stunt, and admits it wasn't his best look.

"Bobby used to dye his own hair," he says. "The person who dyed my hair for the role said, 'I'm really sorry but this has to look like you did it yourself', so it was all one colour; it was sort of a brownish red, which is how he dyed it.

"They actually had the number of the Clairol dye that he used, so they used the same thing."

Grey-haired Steve has become somewhat of a sex symbol of late after showing off a new "silver fox" look, but he appeared less than keen to chat about his smart appearance during an appearance on Access Hollywood Live on Tuesday (27Jun17).

After joking, "I went from being an ugly person to being gorgeous... I'm gonna start a class in it, in how to do that", Carell was eager to change the subject to promote his new Despicable Me sequel, sarcastically adding, "Oh God, I hope the whole interview is about this 'cos I love it!'"

But he quickly returned to the humour surrounding his cleaned-up look, joking, "I got a T-shirt yesterday... George sent me the George Clooney Club T-shirt and very few people are in it..."

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