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Strictly star Dianne Buswell: Not even the models in magazines are perfect

Strictly star Dianne Buswell talks about body confidence, make-up favourites and hair care with Katie Wright

In step: Dianne Buswell
In step: Dianne Buswell
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Katie Wright

Watching her waltz, tango and jive expertly every week on Strictly Come Dancing, beaming away and never putting a foot wrong, you would think Dianne Buswell was born with boundless confidence, but that wasn't always the case.

"As a dancer, there are so many issues, you know? Underarms was one of them, for sure," says the 30-year-old, who has partnered with Dove on the #ArmsUp campaign, which encourages women not to feel self-conscious about putting their arms up, whether it's on the dancefloor, in the classroom or anywhere else.

"Now I'm super happy in my own skin, but it's taken years to get to that point.

"As a young girl, I also felt those issues. I never really had anyone look up to, so I just think it's the perfect campaign for young girls.

"As you get older, you become aware that people don't really care about that - there are so many bigger issues than your underarms."

Not comparing herself to unrealistic images in the media also helped Buswell, who was a finalist in last year's Strictly with dance partner Joe Sugg. After meeting on the show, the pair are now in a relationship.

"No one is perfect," the bubbly redhead says in her Aussie twang. "Not even these models that are in magazines - there's so much airbrushing and stuff like that that goes into it."

Dianne Buswell with partner Joe Sugg
Dianne Buswell with partner Joe Sugg

The dancer is now enjoying some time off before the new series starts with a red carpet launch on August 26.

YouTuber Sugg (27) whisked her off to Mykonos for a surprise holiday last month and the pair have announced that they'll be embarking on their own live tour together next year.

Having turned 30 back in May, Buswell says she has a new outlook on life following the milestone birthday.

"There's things that maybe I would worry about before, but now that I'm 30 I'm like, 'It doesn't matter'," she adds.

"I kind of wish that at a younger age I thought more like I do now.

"You become aware that if you're really happy with yourself inside, then it's going to show from the outside."

On the looks front, Buswell has certainly been blessed, but the dance pro admits her signature scarlet tresses take "a lot to maintain".

How exactly does she keep the colour looking so fresh all the time?

"I'm actually a hairdresser by trade, so I do it all myself," she says, revealing that after using a pair of L'Oreal dyes - Majicontrast Red on her roots and #ColourfulHair in Red Lipstick on the ends, FYI - she maintains the colour with a red conditioner.

"Basically, every time I wash my hair, instead of my normal conditioner I use one that's bright red. I leave it on for about five minutes and then rinse it out and my hair is nice and vibrant again."

The former hairdresser admits she didn't used to be so diligent on the skincare front, but she's getting better at cleansing and moisturising thoroughly morning and night.

"I always make sure my moisturiser has the SPF in it. I just think it's very important to look after your skin especially in the sun," she says.

As for make-up, the best skill she's picked up in the Strictly make-up chair is how to get the chiselled cheekbone look.

"I've never really done the whole contouring thing, but they've taught me how to contour properly," says the dancer.

"I love Iconic London. I really enjoy their little drops that you put on like highlighter."

I can't let Buswell go without finding out the secret to her tan-tastic glow - and the answer comes from Down Under.

"Well, on Strictly, it's amazing. They get someone in to do our tan for us every week," she says.

"But there are six months a year I'm not on Strictly, so I do put on my own tan.

"I really love the brand Loving Tan - it's an Australian brand. They have products that I put on for shows as well, like a one-nighter kind of tan that gives you a bit of a sheen. There's a bit of glitter in there, so it's really pretty."

Dianne Buswell is supporting the #ArmsUp campaign for Dove's Limited Edition #ArmsUp Anti-perspirant, available in Superdrug

Strictly shopping: Buswell's beauty must-haves

  • Limited edition antiperspirant, £4.19, Dove at Superdrug
  • Alchemic red conditioner, £21.40, Davines at Cult Beauty
  • Sheer fluid sun shield SPF30, £45, Lancer at Selfridges
  • Illuminator in champagne shimmer, £30, Iconic London

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