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Suits you sir ... how men can dress to impress for big day

How your guests can step out in style too


Looking good: Johnny Hamilton (second from left) of CMPR Models, gets kitted out with advice from Alistair McCall, Rebecca Johnston and Mark McCall of McCalls of Lisburn

Looking good: Johnny Hamilton (second from left) of CMPR Models, gets kitted out with advice from Alistair McCall, Rebecca Johnston and Mark McCall of McCalls of Lisburn

Looking good: Johnny Hamilton (second from left) of CMPR Models, gets kitted out with advice from Alistair McCall, Rebecca Johnston and Mark McCall of McCalls of Lisburn

While all eyes seem to be on Meghan Markle for the royal wedding this weekend, many are questioning if Prince Harry will wed in full military attire. And if not, how would (or should) he dress?

Gone are the days when the groom bought the ring, popped the question and she said yes before simply turning up on the big day. Contrary to popular belief, there is almost as much fuss in getting the groom ready for the big day as the bride.

From buttonholes to cravats, cufflinks to bow ties, the fit of the suit to its colour, there is plenty to think about when planning a wedding outfit.

And as your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, you want to make sure you choose the perfect suit.

McCalls of Lisburn has recently launched its new Wedding Room to help grooms for whom suit shopping might be an overwhelming experience.

The team at McCalls is determined to make getting married as easy as possible by ensuring each groom receives the same attention to detail as that usually reserved for brides.

Open since 1956, the family retail team's expertise and friendly customer service can help grooms choose what may be the most important suit of their lives - as well as the biggest fashion investment for some.

The experienced and discreet staff at the Lisburn store will ensure every requirement for the big day gets looked after, meaning the groom and groomsmen can enjoy every moment of the experience.

We caught up with co-owner Alistair McCall, who gave us his top 10 tips for grooms wanting to look their very best ...

1. TIMING: Be prepared. Don't leave things to the last minute. Book your groomswear appointment well in advance to give you an opportunity to get everything ready, especially if it's something bespoke.

2. GET TOGETHER: You and your fiancee should be on the same page regarding the style for your big day.

3. SUIT: Pay close attention to the fit; a great fitting suit will guarantee you won't look back at your photographs and ask, "What was I thinking?"

4. SHIRT: For almost every wedding day, there's nothing that looks better than a new crisp white shirt.

5. COORDINATE: Select ties and pocket squares which pick out details from the bridesmaids' dresses to complement the wedding party. Don't forget to keep your outfit harmonious by matching the colour of your shoes and belts.

6. ACCESSORIES: Adding accessories such as watch fob chains and cufflinks can help ensure that your outfit is personal to you. Some grooms like to match their party, but others like to stand out from the crowd by choosing different accessories to the rest of the guys.

7. MODERN RUSTIC: You don't always have to wear a suit. Another option is to take a more casual approach by wearing chinos, separate jacket and waistcoat or braces to complete the look.

8. ONE STEP FURTHER: A personally tailored suit is a great way to have a memento to remember the day. Something unique that will also help you stand out as the groom.

9. GIFTS: Forget the hip flask. Buying your best man and groomsmen their suit is a great gift that can be used again and again.

10. IT'S YOUR BIG DAY TOO: You want to feel special on your big day and look the part. When you see the outfit on, ask yourself: is this the outfit I can picture myself in on my wedding day? If it is, you will ooze confidence on your big day.

How your guests can step out in style too

Oh, and if you are attending a wedding as a guest this season, the team at McCalls has you covered too - here are their tops tips on how to choose the perfect suit for attending a wedding as a guest;

1.  As with any new suit, fit is the key.  A tailored, well-fitting suit flatters all figures and is youthful at any age. A huge variety of fits are available now and we can advise on the correct one for our customers' height and body shape.

2. Check that the shoulder is a good fit. It is something that you cannot change off the peg.

3. You can be more adventurous with a suit for a wedding - a checked or striped suit or even a "broken" suit where the jacket is different from the waistcoat and trousers is a great idea. Three-piece suits are a popular look for a wedding guest, but avoid too many layers on hot days.

4. In general, it is best to go for a lighter shade for a summer wedding and a darker shade or tweed for a winter wedding.

5. It is better to be overdressed at a wedding than underdressed.

6. Co-ordinate your shirt, tie, pocket square, shoes and belt. We recommend purchasing these at the same time as your suit to create the whole look.

7. It's fun to take away from some of the formality of a wedding by adding bright socks or a flashy pocket square. And then add a tie bar, pocket watch or cufflinks to finish off the look.

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