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Suzanne Somers: 'Sexual healing keeps me looking fabulous at 70'

The sexy star admits it can be a "drag" to workout every single day.

Actress Suzanne Somers has credited five decades of fantastic sex for helping her look so good in her Golden Years.

The 70-year-old Three's Company star was a teenager when she tied the knot with Canadian television personality Alan Hamel back in 1977, and she admits their marriage has provided her with unexpected beauty benefits.

"The hormones help a lot," she tells ET Online, revealing sex with her husband helps to keep her skin glowing.

She also credits daily exercise and yoga for her youthful complexion and energy.

"I do yoga... and I hike the days that I don't do yoga," she shared. "You gotta move. It's a drag. I'd rather sit in my bed and drink coffee with my iPad and watch the morning programmes, but you gotta move.”

Suzanne has overcome many health challenges in her lifetime, including beating stage-two breast cancer, and she has offered holistic wellness advice to fans by writing over a dozen books.

A longtime advocate of naturopathy and alternative healing methods, Somers' commitment to a toxin-free lifestyle led her to launch a 100 per cent organic skincare and cosmetics line, called Suzanne Organics.

"When I got cancer I really started taking my health seriously," she told website Organic Authority in 2015, while promoting her beauty line. "I took a hard look at what I had done to play host to this disease, so even though I always thought I had eaten healthy food, I looked at my diet in a completely new light to try and remove all toxins. I went completely organic and that was a big step in the right direction."

"But then I realised I was still using chemicals and toxins in my beauty products," she added, "and the skin, which is permeable and porous, is the largest organ of the body. So here I was, vigilant about removing toxins from my diet, but I was still absorbing PEGs, parabens, lead, and chemical emulsifiers through my cosmetics!

"That’s when I knew I needed to find products that were free of chemicals, but still gave me the results I wanted in high-end cosmetics."

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