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Taylor Momsen: I wear extreme outfits

Taylor Momsen has described her fashion sense as “extremist”.

The 17-year-old star’s long platinum blonde hair, smoky eye make-up and revealing leather outfits have made her one of the edgiest fashionistas in Hollywood. The singer-and-actress isn’t surprised some of her gothic-inspired clothes have sparked controversy, but refuses to tone down her look despite critics saying she dresses too sexily for her age.

Taylor has revealed her provocative wardrobe is inspired by her stylish mother and her music loving father.

“My style’s not for everyone – I’m an extremist. But my mom loves fashion, so she gets it,” she explained in an interview with Grazia. “My dad is the one who introduced me to rock ’n’ roll, playing me The Beatles and The Who. They know that sex and rock ’n’ roll go together – you can’t have one without the other.”

Last year, Taylor was unveiled as the face of Madonna’s fashion line with her daughter Lourdes. The young star has since been replaced by Kelly Osbourne and although she enjoyed modelling for the Material Girl range, she admits it did get uncomfortable when Madonna and Lourdes argued over looks. She also insisted she wasn’t intimidated by the music superstar, revealing the experience was “chilled”.

“I don’t get starstruck, I wasn’t nervous. But I’m not going to say it wasn’t cool,” she added. “Madonna was so down to earth – the shoot was very chilled and collaborative. Lourdes was very together, very involved with the clothes. She and Madonna would clash occasionally over the looks, and it was 50/50 over who would win. Lourdes is super-talented.”

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