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Taylor Momsen recycles clothing

Taylor Momsen insists she wears the same clothes “over and over”.

The 18-year-old star fronts rock band The Pretty Reckless, who released their debut album Light Me Up in 2010.

Taylor is known for her risqué stage outfits, and is currently on tour in Japan. The blonde star insists she doesn’t change her style routine when she travels the world.

Instead, Taylor discussed her every day wardrobe and revealed that most of her garb is recycled.

“UmI don’t think we do anything differently. I wore a dress that’s made out of straps,” she laughed when asked if she changes her style routine to suit the Tokyo summer on tour.

“I actually don’t know [where I got it], I found it at a little boutique in London.

“Honestly, most of my clothes I’ve had for a long time, or a lot of it is vintage and I modify it and change it. So I kind of wear the same things over and over, variations of them. Along the way [on tour I might] buy something cool; if not, I’ve got a plethora of versions of the same things.”

Taylor says her crew is always on hand to help out when she’s on the road. The petite star’s tour manager especially comes in handy when she’s suffering from aches and pains from performing.

“Our tour manager gives the f**king best neck massages! We learned that today,” she quipped in an interview with

“We’ve only been on tour with him for three years now, he decides today to go like [pinches fingers], and I’m like, ‘Woah! Dude!’”

Taylor insists she doesn’t take a large amount of products on the road with her. The songstress sticks to a few beauty essentials which she relies on to create her signature grunge look.

“I tend not to bring a lot. [Just] a lot of black eyeshadow, and dry shampoo because a lot of the time you don’t have time to wash your hair or shower, it’s very chaotic,” she explained.

“So black eyeshadow and dry shampoo and I’m good to go. I love the Bed Head black eyeshadow. If I can’t find it, whatever works, whatever is the blackest eyeshadow I can find.”

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