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Telly stars focused on getting us fit for the new year

January is here, so inevitably another batch of celebrity home workouts has hit the shelves, but are they any good? Here are six of the most talked-about ones this year. Abi Jackson reports.

AM/PM Yoga for Beginners with Roxy Shahidi (£12.99, Amazon)

As well as acting, Emmerdale’s Roxy Shahidi is a qualified yoga instructor, and credits the ancient practice — which has boomed in popularity over recent years — for helping manage the stresses and strains of hectic modern life, as well as honing a trim and toned body. The 32-year-old’s DVD consists of an AM workout — with some energising breathing, invigorating and gentle awakening exercises to begin the day — and a PM programme, designed to help people wind down and relax, ready for a restful night.

Lauren’s OMG! Workout (£11.70, Amazon)

Like many of us, Lauren Goodger is no stranger to yo-yo dieting. Unflattering bikini photos taken of her back in early 2015 were reportedly the final push, propelling the former TOWIE star to embark on an intense fitness regime. A few months ago, the 29-year-old proudly revealed her new slimline physique, having apparently shed four stone, and now she’s sharing her diet and exercise secrets in her new DVD. The aptly-named OMG! workout promises fast results (Goodger says she lost 6lbs in the first week) and is centred around plyo-dynamics — also known as “jump training” — for speedy fat-shifting and toning.

Davina 7 Minute Fit: Part Two (£21.50 for two-disc set, available exclusively at

Over the past decade, presenter and 48-year-old mum-of-three Davina McCall — who fell in love with health and fitness relatively late in life — has established herself as a bona fide fitness role model and now has a string of bestselling DVDs to her name. Her latest — a follow-up to her original 7 Minute plan (launched Christmas 2014) — features 10 brand new seven-minute workouts, based on high intensity interval training (HIIT) principles, as well as nutrition advice.

Kym Marsh: Power Sculpt (£11.70, Amazon)

As the title suggests, Kym Marsh’s DVD is all about building strength and definition, with a blend of cardiovascular conditioning moves and strength training exercises, which promise to help the body continue to burn fat long after the 15-minute workouts have finished. And, proving it can work, the Corrie star’s pink cropped top highlight her super-toned abs. With a series of different workouts and beginner and advanced options, the 39-year-old said finding herself in a “fitness rut” after having four kids was her inspiration — but that she wanted to be fit and strong, not just skinny.

Lorraine Kelly: Living to the Max (£13, Amazon)

A few months back, posing for a glossy magazine photo shoot in her bikini, Lorraine Kelly showed the nation that at the age of 56, she’s in the best shape of her life. What’s more, as well as helping her slim down from a size 14 to a 10, she says regular exercise has helped improve her hair and skin, and made her feel generally happier and healthier. As you’d expect from the bubbly breakfast TV presenter, there’s a real emphasis on fun: Kelly’s DVD is dance based, with three 20-minute workouts (which can also be done as a full hour intensive session) set to motivating music, so you can “release your inner diva” at the same time as sculpting, toning and getting that heart rate up.

Charlotte’s 3 Minute Bum Blitz (£11.70, Amazon)

The tabloids couldn’t get enough of Charlotte Crosby’s incredible physical transformation, when she shed two-and-a-half stone in a matter of months, before re-emerging in early 2015 with a dramatically different and super-slim physique — leading some people to express concern that she’d gone too far. However, the Geordie Shore star’s first fitness DVD last year — the 3 Minute Belly Blitz — was a huge success, and it’s predicted that this follow-up will be another hit.

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