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Ten best: In-flight beauty

By Samuel Muston

1. Blink-Intensive Teardrop Vials £5.79,

You'll look bright-eyed as you trudge through arrivals if you have this pack of 20 individual eyewash vials in your bag.

2. Eight-Hour Cream Skin Protectant


Apply topically to soothe minor irritations, or smooth a thin layer over your face. If its sticky texture is too much, try the lighter hand cream.

3. Clinique All About Eyes


De-puff tired, dry eyes with Clinique's 15ml non-sticky serum, which rehydrates under-eye areas while the rollerball dispenser helps to increase circulation.

4. Super + by Dr Perricone Acne Solution


Just pop some of the non-drying quercetin and salicylic acid formula on to potential pimples and watch them disappear.

5. Evian Facial Spray


Skin suffering after too many Bloody Marys on that flight? Spritz on the mineral water brand's cool mist spray, which soothes irritated skin and helps prevent dehydration.

6. Jo Malone Dry Body Oil


As the air pressure rises, skin goes downhill, so rub Jo Malone's dry oil formula into hands, neck and feet pre- and post-flight to ensure skin stays soft and irritation-free.

7. Eve Lom Kiss Mix


Sun, sea and air conditioning take their toll on lips, so make sure you have some of Eve Lom's balm. The zinc oxide acts as a sunscreen while the menthol cools and freshens.

8. Rodial's Glamoxy Snake Serum Pen


This "snake serum" pen contains a highly concentrated dose of peptides, which is said to plump out and smooth wrinkles.

9. Mama Mio Lucky Legs


Soothe your post-flight pins with Mama Mio's Lucky Legs cooling lotion. As well as reducing redness it contains a light shimmer to give your skin a glow.

10. Batiste Dry Shampoo On-the-Go Tropical


Batiste's 50ml "spray in, brush out" formula perks up greasy hair and leaves it smelling fragrant, too.


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