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Teresa Palmer: 'I exercise for my soul'

The Point Break star incorporates a wellness routine into her schedule to improve overall health

Actress Teresa Palmer works out for a higher purpose.

In her youth the Warm Bodies star was motivated to hit the gym solely to improve her appearance, but the 30-year-old's approach to fitness has changed dramatically in recent years.

"When I was younger, I was so obsessed with working out. It was a six-day-a-week thing," she explains to New York Magazine's The Cut before revealing, "At that time I was overexercising and I started getting shin splints.

"I’ve taken a step back, and really it’s about listening to my body (now). Some weeks I might be feeling really energetic, and I just need to exercise for my soul - it feels good mentally to go out and get my body moving. Those weeks, maybe I’ll exercise five times a week. But sometimes it’s just once a week."

Teresa is mother to two-year-old son Bodhi, who she shares with actor/director husband Mark Webber, and breastfeeding the toddler has prevented her from exercising regularly.

"Right now I haven’t been feeling the urge to work out, but I’m still breastfeeding, so I’m burning so many calories a day from that," she explains. "Maybe once my son stops breastfeeding I’ll really enjoy getting that caloric (sic) burn and moving my body again. Right now, when I exercise on top of breastfeeding, I can get really sickly looking."

On that rare occasion when Teresa can get in a stint at the gym, she prefers to do interval training on the treadmill and she also likes to swing kettlebells around. Yoga, pilates and hiking are also activities she enjoys.

But staying home and breastfeeding baby Bodhi has proven to be invaluable, as she is now implementing an invigorating wellness practice that is just as vital to her overall health as exercise.

"It’s about finding the balance between mind, body, and spirit," she shares. "Meditating, and all those sorts of things that really feed the soul, are integral to wellness."

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