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The 10 best organic moisturisers

By Heather Saul and Debbie Bates

Complete your beauty routine with an ethical and certified face cream.

1. Nourish Argan Skin Renew: £25, Feel Unique

This rich and creamy formula is best suited to more mature skin, leaving it feeling smooth and hydrated. Only a small amount is needed during application, making it better value for money. Active ingredients frankincense and rose of Jericho give this cream an exotic richness without causing irritation, leaving the skin feeling soft and pampered. Our skin felt silky and moisturised throughout the day.

2. Lavera basis Sensitiv Moisturising Cream Q10: £12.99, Holland & Barrett

This is a non-greasy, effective, reasonably priced everyday cream for younger skin to help prevent wrinkles. The hydrating formula is also vegan and is easily massaged into skin without leaving shine. This product is certified organic by BDIH.

3. Green People Age Defy+ 24 Hour Brightening Moisturiser: £36, Green People

This product justifiably sits on the more expensive end of the scale by being multi-purpose. The moisturiser focuses on wrinkle prevention, brightening complexion and lightly exfoliates the skin's surface, leaving a smooth, polished sheen. It's best suited to younger skin. The thick, fragrant formula sets quickly and is easily absorbed. It leaves your skin feeling soft until the end of the day when those with dry skin would normally begin experiencing tightness. This product is certified by the Non-Food Certification Co.

4. Lovea Organic SPF50 Daily Face Cream: £17.99, Planet Organic

Use this product sparingly because this cream is very thick - a little goes a long way. The moisturiser contains Moroccan Argan oil and takes a short while longer to be fully absorbed into the skin over other creams but the pump prevents too much from coming out at once. The texture ensures even coverage and the high SPF protection makes it a good choice for hot holidays. This product is vegan and certified organic by EcoCert.

5. Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Organic Facial Moisturiser SPF 30: £26.50, Love Lula

This ultra-light formula provides high skin protection with a light finish. The zesty fragrance gives skin an instant zing and it slides on smoothly, making it easy to apply during a busy morning or when on the go. The product uses lemon oil to stop pores from clogging, making it a good choice for those with acne-prone or oily skin. Use as an everyday skin protection. It's certified organic by EcoCert.

6. Odylique Timeless Rose Moisturiser: £23, Feel Unique

This 100% natural and 94% organic cream with antioxidants comes in a bottle with a handy applicator to manage how much to use. Rose leaves the skin feeling regenerated and fresh while calming areas which are prone to redness. It absorbs into skin quickly and is a good moisturiser to use in the morning. It works best on mature skin. It's also vegan and certified by the Soil Association.

7. S5 Balance Fluid: £39, S5 Skincare

The S5 range is designed to tackle skin stress and this is a good everyday anti-ageing cream for oily skin. The thin, non-greasy formula makes it a better product for applying in the morning ahead of make-up, leaving skin soft but with minimal shine. Lightly fragranced, this cream does not irritate sensitive skin. Once absorbed, it leaves a more matte finish for those who struggle to control shine. This product is certified organic by EcoCert.

8. S5 Purity Serum: £44, S5 Skincare

This serum leaves skin with a smooth, silky texture. It's a good moisturiser to have in your handbag, as it comes in a compact bottle which can easily be stowed away and the pipette ensures economical use during application. The hyaluronic acid in the serum also makes the skin feel firm and moisturised. The best results were on mature skin.

9. Jane Iredale Pommisst Hydration spray: £22.50, Feel Unique

If your skin just needs a bit of hydration without having to apply a moisturiser, this is the ideal product. This non-greasy spray is applied via a pump which gives a refreshing, cool spray to perk up skin towards the end of the day and produce a dewy glow in the morning before applying make-up. The spray is designed to plump up skin cells and can also be used to set make-up. It's a great option for those with oily skin and is certified organic by EcoCert.

10. Organic Surge Hydrating Eye Cream: £18.50, Organic Surge

This clear serum has a thin, quick-drying consistency. It's a thicker moisturiser thanks to the natural jojoba oil in it, making it an excellent eye cream to apply to delicate under-eye skin during the evening, reducing puffiness the next morning. This product is certified organic by EcoCert.

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