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The beauty boost that’s sure to work ... naturally

By Lisa Haynes

We all know that it’s important to tuck into your five-a-day, but the right fruity treats are great for your skin too.

We all know eating plenty of fruit is a great way to stay healthy on the inside, but the beauty world is getting to the core of fruity goodness for your outside, too. From skin products to fragrances, product ingredients labels read like a veritable bowl of beauty goodness.

Catherine Maillard, author of Healthy Skin, says: “From strawberries to apples and grapes, fruit-based cosmetics are all the rage.

“Face masks or creams using fruit acids are part of nature's treasure. Take grape seed extracts, for example, which are used for their anti-ageing properties.”

Superdrug’s Optimum Swiss Apple Overnight Skin Renewal Serum flew off the shelves last year, selling one every 10 seconds, thanks to its wonder ingredient apple stem extract.

From hard-hitting skincare to uplifting scents, the shelves are stacked with a feast of fruity offerings to keep you looking tasty this summer and beyond.

Just follow our mouth-watering guide ...


Fruit-inspired products may look bright and fun but they can also have seriously moreish effects on your skin.

AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids or fruit acids) have revolutionised the cosmetics industry and studies have shown they promote the production of collagen and help your skin to retain elasticity.

“Extracts of apple, sugar cane or whey are low-density moisturisers and powerful exfoliators,” explains Maillard.

“They play a two-pronged role, hydrating the dry outer layer of skin while cleansing, stimulating cell renewal and also removing the dead layer of skin and introducing a healthy glow.”


If you can resist the urge to eat them, citrus-fragranced bath and shower products can give you a surprising summertime boost. “You associate them with oranges and the sunshine,” says Mark Constantine OBE, co-founder of Lush.

“Citrus fruits, like grapefruit, have been proven to have a psychological effect to make people feel younger.

“These product fragrances help people feel uplifted and revitalised.”

Fruity products aren’t restricted to bathroom shelves either. For a lip-smackingly good pout, The Body Shop has launched a 100% Natural Lip Roll-On with flavours including Berry Goodness and Zesty Orange.

And nails have been getting in on the zesty act too, with a range of fruit-scented polishes from the companies Rimmel and Revlon.


Ditch overpowering heavy fragrances and reach for the refreshing fruity family this summer.

Marc Jacobs has launched a limited edition Splash Cocktail collection, including Crisp Cranberry and Citrusy Curacao, while DKNY has unleashed the Delicious Candy Apples in Sweet Strawberry, Fresh Orange and Juicy Berry.

“Scents containing fruity notes are renowned for making the wearer feel fresh and youthful, and this subtle sweetness also ensures they never go out of style,” reveals Michelle D’Vaz, scent expert from The Perfume Shop.

Just as you might switch to shorts and T-shirts in high summer, D’Vaz says now is the ideal time to update your fragrance wardrobe and embrace a juicy scent.

“Best place to start? Pick your favourite fruit and go from there!”


Want to know what fruits can do for you without even a nibble?

Rowena Bird, Lush co-founder reveals the benefits lurking in your fruit bowl:

  • the enzymes in pineapple and papaya can digest dead cells to leave skin looking fresh and bright
  • the active ingredients in strawberries can boost circulation
  • blueberries are antioxidant rich and cleansing
  • bananas and avocados act as an emollient to moisturise and soften skin
  • lime, lemon and grapefruit oils uplift your mood and help clear the mind.

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