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The great cleavage debate: Is it time to deflate like Katie Price?

Ex-glamour model Katie Price has talked of her joy at downsizing. Two local women tell Kerry McKittrick why they decided to go under the knife

Pneumatic glamour model Katie Price - also known as Jordan - has always been famous for her inflated assets. At one point the tabloid darling had an impressive bust size of 32GG after several rounds of breast implants, the first at the tender age of just 19.

However, in 2007 Price had her 32GG chest reduced to a 32FF and, last week, the star underwent her seventh surgery at a private clinic to bring her back to her natural bust size of 32B.

The 36-year-old mother-of-five revealed her plans over social media in the run-up to the surgery and has just released pictures of her greatly reduced figure on photo-sharing website YouGossip, saying: "Absolute (sic) love my new boobs ... So now I can shoot my new calendar with new boobs".

It's an abrupt about-face for a woman who has made her fame and a reported £40m fortune mostly by virtue of her figure but, after a turbulent year, it's not surprising the supermodel has chosen to reinvent herself. Just days after revealing they were expecting their first child together, Jordan discovered that her husband Kieran Hayler had been having an affair with her best friend Jane Pountney in May this year. However, the couple have been attempting a reconciliation, with Katie revealing plans for them to renew their vows.

In a time where a more natural look is being lauded, it's not unusual for women to start to turn their back on implants. Indeed, The Sun's Page Three models may be controversial but all of them are au naturel, the newspaper having banned models with implants in the 1990s.

We talk to two local women who have had their breasts augmented - including one who had her implants removed - about what prompted their surgery and what they think of Katie's decision.

'They're dated now, people want a natural look'

Gemma Garrett (32) is a model, presenter and a former Miss Great Britain who lives in Belfast. She says:

I had my implants done in 2008. It wasn't that I was unhappy about the size of my breasts but more that one of them was bigger than the other. It was something that I had always been unhappy with. I now know that it can easily be corrected without implants but at the time I thought I didn't have any other options.

I went from a C-cup to what was supposed to be a DD but eventually settled as an E-cup. I paid £4,500 for the op.

As a model having implants wasn't a bad idea for my career but looking back I'm not sure I would have implants if I could do it all again.

In 2011 I started feeling really sick and noticed that the size of my left breast had changed. I went to a surgeon on Harley Street and he told me that my implant had ruptured.

I had Poly Implant Prostheses (PIP) implants and they were found to contain industrial-grade silicone - they have since been banned. I had emergency surgery to have the implants removed four days later, which cost £11,500.

I was lucky to have such good medical care, but I still don't know the damage that the ruptured PIP implants might have done to me as they don't know what the long-term effects are. I've been told if I ever have kids then I shouldn't breastfeed.

I'm now 99% happy with the way my breasts are. I told the surgeon the whole history behind them so when the implants were removed he corrected the size of them. Now I have some very faint scars that you have to be very close to see but otherwise I'm very happy with my shape.

It depends on the circumstances but I don't think I would advise anyone else to have breast implants. Most women's breasts are in proportion with the rest of their body anyway so they don't need to be bigger and it might look a bit strange if they do.

I'm not surprised that Jordan has had smaller implants put in. She's probably coming more in line with available fashions which cater for women with normal-sized chests. It must have been a struggle for her to find clothes that fitted before.

I think breast implants are out of date now anyway - people are going for a more natural look so they've fallen out of fashion.

'I'd no curves but now I feel much more feminine and confident'

Emma Symington (24) works as a lifeguard and lives in Belfast. She says:

I had a breast augmentation when I was 18. I had battled with my weight during my teens - I never had an eating disorder, but I was always very small. When I looked in the mirror I saw a skinny person who was straight up and down with no curves. I felt very unfeminine. I was young but my parents knew how unhappy I was so they supported me through the whole thing. I flew over to a clinic in Manchester and went from a small B-cup to a D. I had a great surgeon and was able to have all the aftercare over here so I didn't have to go back and forth.

I was really happy with the way they turned out and I still am. I've now had them for six years and I'm much more confident about my shape. I don't want to go bigger or smaller, I just want to keep them the way I am. I certainly wouldn't consider having them removed - the implants were inserted under the muscles so I should be able to breastfeed normally if I have any children.

I was worried when the PIP scandal happened and immediately phoned my surgeon to check if I had those kinds of implants, but thankfully I don't. It used to be the case that implants needed to be replaced every 10 years or so but not any more. As far as I'm concerned I'm not going to change anything about myself now.

I don't know if I would advise anyone for or against having a breast augmentation. I'm very happy with the way I am now but can see how addictive having surgery can be, the same way as tattoos can be. I talk about my surgery with my friends but otherwise I don't shout about it.

In the case of Katie Price everything she does seems to be about getting in the papers - even before the surgery she was Tweeting pictures of her implants. I think getting smaller implants was just another stunt."

Celebs who were out in front ... 

Jordan is not the only celebrity to reduce or remove her breast implants ...

Spice Girl-turned-fashion designer Victoria Beckham (40) appeared to yo-yo from an A-cup to a DD and back to a B-cup before having her implants removed entirely. Mrs Beckham hit the headlines early this year when, having never spoken about implants before, she admitted that she had had hers removed

Pamela Anderson is another star famed for her bust size. As well as starring as the energetic CJ Parker in the hit TV series Baywatch, the actress (47) can boast more Playboy covers than anyone else. Although she had her implants removed in 1999, the actress is reported to have since gone under the knife again, having had more implants put in

The former Mrs Charlie Sheen, Denise Richards has been very open about her breast surgeries. In her 2011 memoir, she revealed she had first had an augmentation at the age of 19, without having properly researched her doctor. She was left with implants that she felt were too big but tried to solve the problem by having even bigger ones inserted a couple of years later. The Hollywood actress (43) is now satisfied with her size after a third round of surgery to reduce her bust

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