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The Ten Best Shaving creams

By Rebecca Gonsalves

The average chap will shave 20,000 times in his lifetime, so keep skin soothed with one of these face-friendly buys

1. Collezione barbiere shaving cream

£37, Aqua di Parma, 01932 233861

This is a pricey, old-school cream but, enriched with almond oil and lemon balm, its scent is divine.

2. Close shavers squadron

£15, Kiehls,

A rich, brushless cream that should be applied in a thin layer to avoid clogging the razor, ensuring a close shave. With aloe vera, this is gentle enough for sensitive skin.

3. Mg shaving gel

£4.07, Trevor Sorbie, Boots nationwide

Sorbie’s refreshingly scented gel will transform into a foam on application, making it the ideal product for those on the go.

4. Shave cream

£17.50, Anthony Logistics, Space NK

This luxurious blend of oils simulates the skin and lifts beard hair for a smooth, close shave. Eucalyptus, peppermint, and rosemary disinfect, cool and heal.

5. Ambrosia shaving cream

£4.50 for 100g, Lush,

Lush has a best-seller on its hands in this buttery, thick lotion that has been formulated to help the razor glide smoothly. Alcohol-free, it’s perfect for sensitive skin.

6. Sensitive shave foam

£1.29, Palmolive, available nationwide

Soft, creamy...and cheap. Enriched with aloe vera to soothe skin, the subtle scent will leave you feeling fresh, but won’t fight your cologne.

7. Shaving Souffle

£15.50, Scoop Sensitive Man,

Tested on sensitive skin, the organic, natural ingredients will calm irritated patches and help prevent clogged pores.

8. Vitamin E shaving cream

£16.50, Malin + Goetz, Space NK

Your razor will glide through the smooth lather this soothing product creates, minimising nicks. Doesn’t cause a rash or dry out even very sensitive skin.

9. Irritation defence shave gel

£2.99, Gillette, available nationwide

Designed to protect against what Gillette’s describes as the five symptoms of irritation: burning, stinging, tightness, redness and nicks or cuts.

10. Traditional shave cream

£22.50, YSL,

The sustainably sourced plant-based ingredients in this budget-busting product include babassu nut oil and manuka honey. It sounds good enough to eat.


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