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The Ten Best Winter Perfumes

By Susannah Frankel

Spicy, woody, citrus or exotic floral...Theres little more uplifting than a warm fragrance when it’s cold outside

1. No 5

£73, 3 20ml EDP purse spray, Chanel, 020 74933836

In the winter months No 5's warm amber hue, rose jasmine accord and famed aldehydes are more lovely than ever.

2. Opium

£48, 30ml EDT, Yves Saint Laurent, available nationwide

A mix of precious jasmine absolute, myrrh, vanilla and more, make Opium, launched in the 1980s, one of the great Oriental fragrances.

3. Escentric 01

£68.50, Escentric Molecules,

The allure of this inventive play on the aroma-chemical Iso E Super endures. Escentric 01 is mixed with pepper, lime, orris and incense.

4. Comme des Garçons 2

£45, 50ml EDP, Comme des Garçons, 020 7494 6220

This most loved of the CdG scents mixes incense, patchouli, Chinese cedar wood, amber, labdanum, vetiver and ink.

5. Tam Dao

£48, 50ml, Diptyque, 0207 224 4948

Lovers of sandalwood won't be disappointed by this scent, courtesy of niche French perfumier, Diptyque.

6. Ambre Narguilé

£150, 100ml EDT,

Ambre Narguilé blends amber, benzoin, labdanum, musk and vanilla. A smart leather Hermès case that comes with the fragrance costs an extra £211.

7. Rose de Nuit

£107, 75ml,

A preternaturally lovely abstract rose patchouli accord. Visit Serge Lutens' boutique in Palais Royale, Paris, to experience its beauty first hand and then buy it online.

8. Timbuktu

£55, 50ml EDT,

Green mango, karo karounde, incense, papyrus, patchouli, myrrh and vetiver combine in a juice that is as sophisticated as it is sauvage.

9. Noir Epices

£95, 50ml, Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle,

Michel Roudnitska's gloriously spicy mix layers orange, rose and geranium over nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and clove.

10. Shalimar

£60.50, 50ml EDP, Guerlain, 01923 233 887

A mix of exotic flower scents, sandalwood, spice, iris, hesperides, opopanax and amber, Shalimar's loveliness remains unrivalled.

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