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Theo James favours fruity and earthy scents on women

Theo James doesn't like to wear aftershave in the morning, preferring to save it for later in the day.

Theo James likes it when women wear perfume that has a depth to it.

The English actor is the face of Hugo Boss’ The Scent Intense, a fragrance made up of cardamom, ginger, vanilla, and Maninka fruit.

Theo knows what he likes when it comes to scent, on both himself and the women in his life.

“Sometimes female fragrances have a note of fruit with some leather so you have a kind of mix of sweetness and feminine of the fruit, but then you have something a bit more solid and earthy underneath it, so it’s broader. It’s not just a flowery fragrance. Something of a bit more depth,” he told

“Recently I’ve noticed that (women) like to wear men’s fragrances because I guess with their skin it doesn’t smell as masculine, so they kind of like the earthier tones.”

When it comes to applying his fragrance, Divergent actor Theo says he’s “old school” and just lightly dabs some on to his wrists and neck.

He’s careful not to wear too much though, as this a major fragrance faux pas in the 32-year-old’s books.

“I would say wearing too much, for one. Wearing it all the time, and wearing it in the morning,” he listed of aftershave mistakes. “I think fragrance should be reserved slightly for more special events. Especially if it’s a relatively rich fragrance, you should wear it in the evening. Only wear a little on your neck, on your wrists, and don’t wear it in the morning because there’s something strange about a strong smelling odour at 9 AM in the morning.”

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