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Titanic dress that wowed at awards bash

By Louise Small

A dress commissioned to celebrate the centenary of the Titanic’s maiden voyage has wowed crowds at an awards ceremony in London.

The eye-catching dress based on the iconic ship made its debut at the London Lifestyle Awards on Thursday.

The creation was designed and produced by local fashionista Lizzie Agnew.

Model Lucy Mathieson graced the stage at the awards wearing the gown to present the award for Outstanding Cultural Attraction of the Year on behalf of sponsor, Titanic Belfast.

The dress was designed to represent the new Titanic Belfast visitor attraction.

Lizzie said: “I was asked in February to design a dress relating to the Titanic. I spent a few weeks thinking about the design structure and looked at the history of the boat.

“I had a few ideas in mind and by April I had an aluminium frame made up to form the structure.

“I started the fascia in early June and made it in to a three-dimensional shape, but it was too big.

“Coincidentally, I was driving along the M3 and looked at the new Titanic building and was amazed that the design made it look flat, so I reconstructed the design and began the patchwork for it.”

There is a possibility the dress will be on show at an Irish arts and design festival in Washington DC next year, ahead of the opening of Titanic Belfast in spring.

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