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Tom Ford dislikes US and French patriotism

Tom Ford thinks American and French people are too “nationalistic” which he finds “backward”.

The American fashion designer is famed for his work with Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, as well as having his own label. He has spent a great deal of time in Europe due to his varied career, and has been surprised by the varying way he is treated in different countries.

“I think the Italians feel like I’m one of them. I think that’s because I resurrected a brand that was very close to their hearts, and I lived in Italy for a long time and speak Italian. The English, who knows? As for the French, the first thing out of every French reviewer’s mouth was something about being an American,” he explained. “The French are very nationalistic, which I think is very backward, honestly. I think today you have to be international and global. It’s very narrow to think in a nationalistic way. Unfortunately, Americans do the same thing, because most Americans don’t even have a passport. They don’t travel.”

Although Tom still feels a great affinity with America, Europe also holds a special place in his heart. He sees people as less uptight over there, which is why he believes he has a link to them.

“I think we’re very uptight in America. You have to remember that we’re descended from Puritans. Whether or not the country is now composed of immigrants, our culture as American really begins with the landing of the Pilgrims and a puritanical view of things. It was a group of people who escaped Europe because they felt it was depraved in a certain way, and that culture still permeates,” he told Interview magazine. “I’ve lived in Europe for the last 20 years, so I’m kind of a hybrid. I feel very American in certain ways, and in lots of ways I feel more European.”

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