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Top tips to avoid the dreaded make-up meltdown

As the warm weather continues, foundation, cream and concealer can slide straight off your face. Our testers try the most-wanted summer products

By Claire Spreadbury

Putting on make-up in the heat is often best avoided. And on holiday - in the daytime at least - we often go without. But when you want to put a face on - whether because you're going to work, you're out for dinner or you simply feel naked without it - what should you wear?

No doubt we've all been victims of make-up meltdown and caught sight of a pool of foundation between the brows or a sweaty mess around specs or sunnies. That's why we've tested 13 different make-up products all claiming to be balmy beauty must-haves.

Here are the results...

1. SportFX Balance Boosting BB Cream, £12.99, Sports Direct (

Claire says: "Honestly, I can't recommend this BB cream enough. I wore it for hours and hours, on a boiling hot day, and it did not budge. It gives a nice coverage, with the added bonus of containing SPF 20 - I'm a big fan."

2. ALLEVEN London Colour Shield Hydrating Tinted Protection, £38, Cult Beauty (

Sarah says: "Pale legs are never a good look in the sunshine; pale and blotchy legs are even worse. Unless you're a pro with fake tan (which I'm not), the only option is to wait patiently for a colour change - by which time, we'll all probably be back in trousers again. This clever mist is a quick-fix solution, acting a bit like make-up for the body, but without too much gloop or smudge. Beyonce is a big fan and wore it to perfect her bare pins for a recent Coachella performance - proof it's also perfectly capable of surviving a good sweat.

"I needed quite a few sprays to cover my lower legs, and had to work fast to blend it all in (it works best on moisturised limbs). The results were pleasing; the shade worked well with my skin tone and gives an even - albeit subtle - coverage. My legs didn't look tanned, but I did feel more confident about putting them on parade - and there were no embarrassing streaks at the end of a sunny day."

3. YourGoodSkin Immediate Shine Relief, £9.99, Boots (

Gemma says: "If you're in need of a quick shine fix, this on-the-go treatment claims to offer the perfect remedy. But while the mattifying skincare helped to reduce and prevent shine for a good few hours (apply prior to make-up for best results), it did require a top-up or two amid the British heatwave."

4. Trinny London Just A Touch, Foundation/Concealer, £28 (

Lauren says: "Trinny London's Just A Touch calls itself a foundation/concealer, but it feels much more like a concealer as it's thicker than foundation - and that is probably the reason it didn't melt off half-way through a hot day. The idea is that you don't cover your entire face with the product (and frankly, there's not enough of it in the pot to do that), so if you just need to cover a few imperfections, it does that job really well.

"It feels too thick to use on the delicate skin under the eyes for dark circles, though. The concealer blended into my skin without the need for additional foundation, and incredibly, I didn't need to reapply for an evening out later."

5. La Roche-Posay Effaclar BB Blur Instant Oil-Absorbing Coverage Cream Mousse, currently reduced to £11 from £16.50 (

Claire says: "This BB cream contains SPF 20 and glided on to my face like silk. However, anyone who wears glasses (and that includes sunglasses) or has hayfever might not be overjoyed at the patchyness that starts happening around the sides, and over and across the bridge of the nose, once it's been on for a few hours."

6. SportFX Mist + Fix Recovery Face Spray, £7.99, Sports Direct (

Sarah says: "I've always wondered how preened gym bunnies manage to fix their make-up like glue, even during the sweatiest of workouts. This mist spray claims to do the job - and make your face look less like a raging beacon post-exercise. I put it to the test during a bus journey in 30-degree heat. Just as sweaty as a spin session, right? I applied it several times during the day and my make-up did stay in place - although the oily, sweaty pools around my cheeks and forehead refused to go away. But it felt refreshing to apply - and for the price tag, that's probably enough of a service."

7. CYO Fixing Spray, £5 (

Gemma says: "Finally, a fixing spray with some serious staying power. Weightless and quick-drying, I spritzed CYO's ultra-fine mist over my make-up before a night out, and a good six hours (on the dance floor) later, I was still good to go and rocking that fresh 'just applied' look. With no melting, fading or settling into fine lines either, it's a winner!"

8. BareMinerals BAREPRO Performance Wear Powder Foundation, £22.95 (

Claire says: "Be quick if you want to get your hands on this one, as it's a limited edition. It doesn't contain any SPF, sadly, but it's a lovely, buildable foundation, which you apply with a sponge and it dries to a powder finish. Apply as much or as little as you like, and it claims to stay put for 12 hours. Impressive stuff, eh? I didn't need half a day's worth of wear, but it certainly stayed put, and if you do want a top-up later in the day, it's really quick and easy to do. It's also made with a 90% vitamin and mineral formula."

9. Vita Liberata Beauty Blur Skin Tone Optimizer, £29.95 (

Sarah says: "In line with the 'Look, I'm wearing no make-up, well actually I am' trend, this primer and skin finisher supposedly smooths the complexion and gives a hint of natural radiance. It's easy enough to apply and blend without sitting in the pores, and definitely hydrates the skin. In fact, it probably hydrates a little too well. Even with only a pea-sized amount, I created an oil slick and needed a swish of powder to lose the reflection on my forehead. While this might be a winner for normal or dry skin, anyone with an oily complexion would do best to give it a swerve."

10. CYO 'Turn on the Light' Illuminating Mixing Cream, £6, (

Gemma says: "This dewy, long-lasting illuminator has garnered glowing reviews - and for good reason. Blended with my usual foundation, it proved to be an instant skin fix for my (often) lacklustre skin by day; whereas by night, it was super easy to up the shimmer stakes, by applying it to cheeks, brows and eyes. Be warned - one or two of pumps is all you need if you're after a subtle pick-me-up."

11. Tom Ford Waterproof Foundation/Concealer, £66, John Lewis (

Claire says: "This may be pricey, but you do get what you pay for. This foundation went on beautifully and stayed put all day long, despite heatwave temperatures. It did need a dusting of powder after application, but it didn't need touching up again for the evening."

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