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Troian Bellisario: 'Circus performers inspire my workouts'

The star is happy to be finally getting some rest after recently completing the final season of her show Pretty Little Liars.

Actress Troian Bellisario's interest in aerial acrobatics was sparked by her circus performer friends.

The Pretty Little Liars star loves nothing more than to bend and flex in mid-air, using silk and other props, like some of the greatest Cirque de Soleil contortionists.

Talking to New York Magazine about why aerial acrobatics is one of her favourite go-to workouts, Troian explains: "I'm a really active person. I grew up in dance - my mum was a dancer, and dancing was always where I felt my most free.

"I had a couple of friends who were circus performers, and they showed me that you can dance in the air. So I was like, 'Hell, yeah, why wouldn't I want to learn that?'"

Troian wrapped filming on the final seventh season of her TV show Pretty Little Liars in October (16), and although she often engages in workouts others may consider extreme, she is most looking forward to sleeping now that the series has concluded.

"My body has been greatly enjoying sleeping in and not setting an alarm clock," she shares. "That is the jam. I feel like I honestly have not done that in seven years. I've been really enjoying letting my body wake up naturally and also just having the time to get daily exercise."

Bellisario, who wed fiance Patrick J. Adams earlier this month (Dec16), confesses it seems counter-intuitive to rest, but recently she's been embracing more downtime as the route to wellness.

"It's a constant struggle, I think, because we have a world that's full of deadlines, alarms, time restrictions, and little devices in our hands that tell us where to go and when to be there," she notes. "But wellness is really quieting all of that exterior stimulation down and trying to listen to your own body about what it means.

"I'm somebody who really likes to be active - I like to be outdoors. Sometimes waking up and going directly to a set and working until you get home and just collapse in bed leaves you exhausted, but leaves your mind wired. So it's been really wonderful to be able to have the time to do yoga or dance class or just go out walking with my dogs and to be quiet."

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