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Tyler, the Creator quit Vans over creative limitations

The star was unveiled as the new face of Converse on Monday (10Jul17).

Rapper Tyler, the Creator cut his ties with shoe manufacturer Vans after brand bosses reportedly refused to let him "grow".

The Odd Future star first teamed up with Vans officials in 2014 to release his own footwear collections, but he was recently rumoured to have jumped to rival brand Converse after he was spotted wearing one of the company's unreleased sneakers.

The news was confirmed on Monday (10Jul17) when Tyler was officially unveiled as the new face of the firm, and now the MC has explained why he decided to ditch Vans after sporting their shoes for years.

In a new interview with, Tyler claims he felt his creativity being stifled as he tried to explore new design ideas.

"Imagine being in a f**king cocoon," he explained of the limitations of the collaboration. "Vans just wouldn't let me grow. It was a ceiling and I was like, 'F**k this.' Converse is allowing me to bloom... and it's great."

However, the 26-year-old also admitted his designs typically don't come from great sources of inspiration as he usually doesn't put too much thought into why he's creating what he's creating.

"I make stuff all day and it's funny," he shared, "I think people, and probably Converse, wanted me to say, 'When I was designing, I was inspired by this and blah blah blah.' No. It was literally pick four colourways I want to do and that was it.

"It's not as intricate and deep as people be making s**t out to be. Do you ever read, 'Well, this collection is about the struggle in '90s rave in the deep blah blah?' Nah, shut the f**k up. I just thought this shirt was tight (cool), that's why I made it."

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