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Tyrone designer takes hat off to Meghan Markle's headgear

Meghan Markle shows off the hat she wore on Christmas Day
Meghan Markle shows off the hat she wore on Christmas Day
Lori Muldoon
(Joe Giddens/PA)
(Joe Giddens/PA)
Allan Preston

By Allan Preston

A top Northern Ireland hat designer has applauded Meghan Markle's style for her first Christmas day with the royal family.

Ms Markle accompanied the royal family for the first time to their traditional Christmas Day church service.

Her outfit included a distinctive brown hat designed by Irish milliner Philip Treacy. Canadian designers were also represented with a £986 long camel-coloured wrap coat in baby alpaca wool by the brand Sentaler.

Dungannon-based milliner Lori Muldoon said Ms Markle had brought "an edge to royal attire".

"It really surprised me. Philip Treacy made it a real traditional piece with a contemporary twist. The main base was a really beautiful structure. Usually that's not his style."

She said she was surprised, however, by the surge of negative feedback online.

This included one widely shared, but unflattering, comparison of the eye-catching swirling brown hat to the 'poo emoji' often used in texting and social media.

"I felt the outfit definitely worked, though," Ms Muldoon said.

"The scrutiny on her is unreal; also with hats it's not something that people wear every day and they can get it wrong.

"So this was a brave piece for her to wear for her first event like this. I really loved it and it gives me a lot of inspiration for my own work."

She added that Ms Markle's choices perfectly complemented those of Kate Middleton, who wore a long tartan winter coat and black fur hat.

"I think she let Meghan stand out as well. Kate's costume had darker, muted tones but for me Meghan was very much the one you were looking at."

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