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Valerie Morris-Campbell on sharing the spotlight with daughter Naomi

Katie Wright talks to the model mum as she stars in a new swimwear campaign

In bloom: Valerie Morris-Campbell wearing a JD Williams Floral Magiscult High Neck Swimsuit, £28
In bloom: Valerie Morris-Campbell wearing a JD Williams Floral Magiscult High Neck Swimsuit, £28

By Katie Wright

With one of the world's most famous models for a daughter, Valerie Morris-Campbell is used to watching her child take centre stage.

But now in her 60s, Naomi Campbell's mother is enjoying some time in the spotlight herself.

Last year, the former dancer was chosen to star alongside her daughter in Burberry's Christmas campaign, the pair looking incredibly chic in classic black tuxedos.

Now, the 67-year-old is stripping off to front a summer swimwear campaign for high street retailer JD Williams.

"This is a time in my life when I can think about myself more and really do what I choose to do," Morris-Campbell says of her recent career success.

"When you are younger and raising your family, you have to put them first and do what is right for them over yourself. I have more freedom now."

With her long, toned limbs and enviably wrinkle-free skin, it's not surprising the mum of two - she also has a son, Pierre - is still in demand in the fashion world.

So how does she feel about her new found fame? And how does her skin look so good?

Here, Morris-Campbell talks modelling, being a mum and her beauty secrets...

What have been your modelling career highlights?

"Definitely working alongside my daughter for Burberry.

"Walking through the airport and seeing a huge billboard of the campaign was really a fantastic feeling."

How did it feel to pose in a swimwear campaign aged 67?

"I really had to think carefully about doing it, but of course I wear a bathing suit when I'm on holiday and I look after myself, so I thought, 'Why not?'

"I knew it would be done tastefully and I trusted the photographer, Nicky. We were in a beautiful location and it was a lovely day."

What qualities has your daughter inherited from you?

Valerie Morris-Campbell with Naomi
Valerie Morris-Campbell with Naomi

"I have taught my children to do unto others as you would have done to yourself, and I know my daughter learned to help others and to be kind from me."

Has your relationship with Naomi changed as you've got older?

"Our relationship has always been close and it has remained the same over the years."

What is the most important thing your mother taught you?

"The same lessons I have taught my children, about the importance of being kind and helping others. She also taught me never to use the word 'hate' about people. You may hate their behaviour but not the person."

Can you describe your style?

"For daytime, it is simple and casual - I live in jeans with either a shirt or jumper. For evening, it's nice to wear a cocktail dress but my go-to look will always be a fabulous tuxedo suit. When glamour is called for, I will go glam!"

What's your secret to looking good and, more importantly, feeling great?

"Waking up every morning makes me feel great!"

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